Morning Glory Pancakes


While I was in … wait for it …. Vermont (do I travel anywhere else?!?), we spent an evening / morning in the charming town of Manchester. After a relaxing night at the Equinox Resort, we set out in the morning to explore the town and stumbled upon a small breakfast restaurant called Up For Breakfast. On the menu was an item that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen at a restaurant – Morning Glory Pancakes. For someone who is obsessed with morning glory muffins, I’m ashamed to say that I’d never even thought to make them in pancake form. I promptly ordered them, devoured them, and have spent the past couple of weeks contemplating how I might be able to make them at home. Read More

Clementine & Thyme Gin Cocktail (Vermont-Inspired)


Clementine and Thyme Gin Cocktail

Ahhhh….Vermont. It never gets old. For such a tiny state, it’s amazing how much Vermont has to offer. Countless outdoor adventuring opportunities, a food and drink scene in Burlington (and elsewhere in VT) that rivals cities ten or twenty times its size, culture, history, you name it. We just took our fourth trip up there  (in less than 16 months – eek!) and this time hit the ski area of Jay Peak (more on that another day) and then spent the tail end of our trip in Burlington and ate our way through the city. Read More

Corned Beef Mac & Cheese


When we were in Vermont (yes, I’m still talking about our trip to Vermont), my husband ordered a pretty interesting-sounding dish at the Woodstock Inn. Corned Beef Mac & Cheese with Apple Butter. Definitely not ingredients I would have thought to throw together on my own, but they totally work together. It’s been on my list to try to recreate this dish at home, and I think we got it pretty close!

Read More

Honeycrisp Apple Fritters

honeycrisp apple fritters

About once every weekend, I announce “I need to bake something. What sounds good?” to my family. There’s rarely a shortage of suggestions and for the past month or so, my husband has been repeatedly requesting apple fritters. I would briefly consider his suggestion, but then dismiss it because it just seemed like too much work. Until this weekend. The poor guy had been sick all week and finally got his appetite back. So when he asked for apple fritters for the 5th time, I complied. Read More

The Bee’s Knees

Bee's Knees Gin Cocktail

It has been a week at our house. The stomach bug hit last weekend and has been viciously cycling through the household – no one was left unaffected. I’m ready for the weekend (although not ready to drink, to be perfectly honest). But hopefully you all are healthy and ready for another cocktail recipe!

Honey and lemon are my go-tos when I’m not feeling so great. I’ll make a honey lemon tea to sip on to soothe whatever my ailment might be. Honey and lemon are also the duo behind one of our go-to cocktails … the Bee’s Knees. I make mine a little sweeter than how it’s typically prepared. Here’s how I do it:

Bee’s Knees
per cocktail

2 oz. gin (we’re currently enjoying our bottle of Barr Hill Gin)
1 oz. lemon juice (or try it with 2 oz. Meyer lemon simple syrup and skip the honey syrup!)
1 oz. honey syrup (see the recipe in last week’s Vermont 75 post)

Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice, strain into glass and enjoy!