XOXO Distressed Wooden Art with Galvanized Metal

XOXO Distressed Wooden Art with Galvanized Metal

Ashleigh and I’s first project we did together was a Palette-Inspired Wooden Sign. It was a fairly simple project that I repurposed into a similar, but new, project. Our original project can be found here: . Read More

Super Easy DIY Wooden Entryway Console Table

DIY Entryway Console TableAlright now when I say that this is “super easy”, I mean it. If you’re newer to this wood-working game, but are ready to do a “big” project, this is the perfect one to get started on. I built this in a day… I doubt that’s record breaking but with three toddlers, I think it kinda is. All in, my DIY Entryway Console Table only cost about $30 to make. How awesome is that?!… Can you tell I love it??!
The “before” of this table was a six year old storage bench that was constantly cluttered with bags, coats, groceries, etc. Don’t judge. It was admittedly an eye sore. But this number turned out to be a beauty. And I love the usable shelf space!


8, 1″x4″x8″ pine boards, cut to below

  • 28pcs x 12.25″
  • 4pcs x 49.25″
  • 4pcs x 33″
  • 2pcs x 23″ with miters at back diagonals
  • 4pcs x 3.5″

8, 1″x3″x8″ pine boards, cut to below

  • 4pcs x 33″
  • 8pcs x 10.5″
  • 6pcs x 48″
4 casters
Wood glue (I use Titebond)
Nails for electric nailer
Wood screws (to attach casters)
Wood stain (I used Minwax, Espresso)

Tools used

Mykita electric drill
Mykita electric sander
Royebi miter saw
Ryobi electric 18V Brad nailer (my favorite new toy!)

*My measurements are for a build that finishes 36″ (with casters) x 49.25″ x 15″. Always measure and cut as you go. These measurements are meant for guidance only.*

I started by building the bases for each of the three shelves. You will use the 1″ x 3″ boards for the bases. The middle and bottom shelf will be the same build.
Build two rectangles using two 1″x3″x10.5″ boards & two 1″x48″ boards. Glue every where you will nail for extra strength. You’ll want to sandwich the 10.5″ boards so the rectangle measures approx. 48″x12.25″.

DIY Entryway Console Table
The rectangular base for the top shelf will ultimately measure the same as the other shelves – 48″x12.25″ – however you need two additional 10.5″ sandwiched at the 1/3 & 2/3 mark as shown below. Again, glue and nail at all touch points.

DIY Entryway Console Table

DIY Entryway Console Table

Next, finish the middle and bottom shelves by side-stacking 14 of the 1″x4″x12.25″ boards, butting them up against each other and again gluing and nailing at each end of each board.
 DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table
Moving onto the legs… Here you’ll use 8 boards total – 4, 1″x3″x33″ & 4, 1×4″x33″.  Apply glue to the 1″ edge of the 3″ width boards and attach to the face of the 4″ boards. Nail in several places to reinforce.

DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table To attach the legs, start with the top shelf base. Ensure the base is flush with the ground and wedge each corner into the angle of the leg, gluing and nailing twice at each corner.

DIY Entryway Console Table

Note: you are now working with the shelf upside down.
Insert the middle shelf so the top is about 10″ from the bottom edge of the top shelf. Using a level, ensure the shelf is straight before nailing. *You may want to solicit an extra hand here to hold the shelf as you nail around the legs.*

DIY Entryway Console TableNext, insert the bottom shelf, again using a level to ensure it’s straight and flush with the bottom edges of the legs.

DIY Entryway Console Table I then added two supports for the middle shelf. Sorry, I failed to take detailed pictures here amid my attempts in getting these cuts right, which admittedly took me a couple tries, but ultimately measured 1″x3″x23″ with 45″ miters on back diagonals. Again, important to measure & cut as you go as this length will be determined by the distance in between shelves.

Before flipping your table upright, glue & nail the 3.5″ x 3.5″ squares to each corner, making sure the edges are flush with the sides of the legs.
 DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table
Flip over the table. Almost done!

DIY Entryway Console Table Final step before the finishing steps (sanding, staining, and styling!).

Attach the top boards – four, 1″x4″x49.25″ – to the top base, glueing and nailing around the perimeter. (A couple of my boards had a very slight warp so I clamped after gluing and before nailing).

DIY Entryway Console Table

I used my electric sander to perfect and smooth edges and shelf tops.
How beautiful is this raw table?

DIY Entryway Console Table

 Wipe the table clean of any dust from sanding and stain with approx. 2 coats of wood stain depending on the brand and color of choosing. You may also want to apply a poly coat.
Allow the stain to dry thoroughly.
Once the stain has dried, you can flip the table to apply caters, should you choose to add this touch. I purchased casters with brakes since my table will sit on hardwood floors. Screw the casters into the 3.5″x3.5″ squares at each of the four corners, making sure to screw into the the bottom edges of the legs.


DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table This was seriously so simple guys. I’m in love with my table and receive compliments from anyone that walks in our door.
DIY Entryway Console Table DIY Entryway Console Table If you build our version of this console table or something similar, we’d love to see!