DIY Superhero Dress-up Corner

DIY Superhero Dress-up Corner

My boys’ room is typically a disaster. They play with something for five minutes and it doesn’t get put away. They change into their pjs, dirty clothes stay on the floor. Typical four & six year-old activity… Recently the boys have been into dressing up like superheroes and I scored some sweet deals on costumes post Halloween. But like every other thing they get their hands on these just piled up all over the place. I made this simple dress-up corner that is reachable height for them so they can easily hang their costumes back up after dressing up. (I’ll be honest, they haven’t had the strongest compliance with hanging them back up so far…). But it turned out pretty cute regardless and fills an otherwise awkward little space in their room. The supplies only cost a few bucks and it took just a few minutes to throw it all together! Read More

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization Ideas

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle Keeping the kids’ playroom clean and organized seems to be a never ending battle. Thank God our nanny is a complete Saint and ensures the kids pick it up at the end of each day – and by the kids doing it, I’m sure I should say she she picks it up. Regardless, clutter gets under my skin and it’s always haunting me at least one place in our house so any one room down is a win.
Picked up or not, keeping a playroom organized is no simple task. The boys are all boy which means there are always armies of action figures, cars, Legos, balls, etc. swarming the house. When the boys “pick up” they often pull the under the rug trick and assume out of sight means out of mind… That is until a couple days later they’re looking for a very specific toy and it’s nowhere to be found because nothing has a “home”.
A couple weekends ago I spent some serious time adding a little sense to their art of picking up with some super easy playroom organization tricks. They certainly don’t keep every toy contained but when they’re on the hunt for that one “ninja turtle bad guy that has that one weapon” I know the first place to check.
Arts & Crafts Organization
The boys love doing crafts or “projects” as we often call them. As a result, they have all kinds of markers, coloring books, safety scissors, etc. Their play table was typically a mess (sparing you the before photos) to the point where it wasn’t usable… Which equals markers and coloring books on the carpet. No Bueno.
I actually purchased a pegboard with the intent to use in my own craft space but in typical momma fashion, prioritized the kids’ space first.
This was so simple to put together and get up on the wall! (Not to mention the pegboard only costs about $10 from Home Depot!). I also picked up an inexpensive pack of pegboard hooks from HD as well.
Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Pegboard Wall Organizer

First I cut two 1×2″ boards to the height of the pegboard. (You’ll want to measure your board for this measurement since they can vary.

Using 1″ wood screws and washers, I drilled into the wood through 2 of the top edge holes at every corner.
Attach hanging hardware through the back of the 1×2″s and hang.
I found some hanging storage baskets for under $10 at Homegoods and use them to store markers, flash cards, stamps, etc.
Using a couple hooks and a wooden dowel rod cut down to size, I hung a roll of paper – one of my favorite things about the pegboard!
I hung some metal cans, purchased from the dollar section at Target, to store colored pencils, paintbrushes, etc.
I hung some scissors and added a little personalization (B & G letters from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child) and an arrow from Hobby Lobby.

The pegboard could be filled up a little more, but I’m so happy with the results so far and have already found it to be extremely useful.

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + BelleSimple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + BelleSimple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + BelleSimple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Jar Storage

All those little boxes of Crayola crayons add up quickly, and the boxes, well aren’t the most durable. I purchased a handful of these glass jars from Old Time Pottery for $5 each. I filled them up with crayons and magnets. So simple and colorful!

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Cars, Play Food, and Action Figures, Oh My.
These are the items I most often find throw a stray all of the house. In the bathroom, in the pantry, laundry room, you name it. No room left untainted.
I bought these black linen storage boxes in packs of two from Target and found these awesome burlap tags from Michaels (also used in a previous post for DIY Beverage Tags).
I sharpied on some common toy themes and filled them up. These are literally the best. They are always organized. Obsessed.
Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Ball Storage
Okay, this is maaaybe half of the balls we have in his household. The balance are stored in the garage – those that are more for outdoor use.
I found this large galvanized bucket from an antique store so it’s not only functional, it looks really cool.
Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle
Book Storage
My boys are also bookworms. (Yes, they sound to be interested in just about everything… Not sure at what age their interests focus a bit more. Needless to say, we love books, and we have hundreds of them.

I purchase six unfinished wooden crates from Michaels for about $10 each.

Hubs and I stained them Minwax aged walnut and stacked a couple high, and a few across for bookshelves. We chose not to nail them together so we could easily change the placement and configuration. *Note I do not recommended stacking anymore than two high without attaching for fear of them tumbling. They could also be drilled into the wall should you choose to build the stack higher.

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle

(Find the easy no-sew DIY for the “To the Moon & Back” sign here)

Simple, Inexpensive Playroom Organization // Beckham + Belle