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DIY Heart Pillow


Ever since I made my Land of Nod-inspired shower curtain, I’ve been looking for other applications for the loosely sewn appliqué shapes. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be cute to use heart shapes to make a pillow for my daughter’s room.

This is a super simple project,  and one that you could probably figure out without me typing out directions at all! But, since this is a DIY blog, here are the directions:

DIY Heart Pillow

Scraps of assorted fabrics
1 pre-made pillow case (if you’re DIYing this, check out this post  and don’t fully assemble it until hearts are attached)
White thread
Good sewing scissors


First, make two different sized heart templates. The easiest way to do this is to fold a piece of cardstock in half and draw a half heart on the seam (you can see how I did this with the DIY Wall Valentines). Cut and unfold. Alternatively, if you have one of those super cool fabric cutter machines, you could just use that.

Trace your larger heart onto an ironed piece of fabric. Trace the smaller heart twice onto a different colored fabric (also ironed). Cut out with sharp sewing scissors (to reduce fraying).

Pin hearts onto your pre-made pillow case (or you can easily make one from scratch … see this post for instructions.

Either by hand or with a sewing machine, sew a vertical stitch line down the center of each heart. (Be careful not to sew through both sides of the pillow case!)

Unpin, finish sewing the case and you’re done!



Pantry Decor

DIY Pantry Decor

As lame as it may sound, one of the rooms I was most excited about when we were building our home was the open, walk-in pantry.

DIY Pantry Decor

I love to cook and so the idea of having space to store all of the random ingredients I have on hand was particularly exciting to me. While I’ve got most of it set up the way I want, there is a large blank wall that had yet to be decorated.

“Living Wall”

I swear the pantry has the best light of any room in the house (I’ll often shoot in there). The light made me think that a kind of “living wall” might work perfectly. Since I’m not ready to commit to a full-out wall of plants, I decided to start small with a few wall planters. I wanted to frame them to make them seem more like “arty”.  I picked up these simple frames from the thrift shop (50 cents each!!) and spray painted them in silver. The planters are from IKEA, but they no longer carry them. They can be ordered here, on Amazon.

DIY Pantry Decor
DIY Pantry Decor
I’ve had the Provisions sign for a while, a DIY from my pre-blog days. Maybe with the new herb decor (parsley, chives and basil, to be specific), I’ll change it to something like “Herboriste” (but maybe something a little less cliche!) If you’re interested in a how-to on this type of sign, check out this post.
DIY Pantry Decor


DIY Pantry Decor

Kids Bathroom Reveal

Land of Nod Inspired DIY Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles
Confession time. I have the hardest time finishing things. I know I’m not alone, but that doesn’t make it any easier! Most rooms in our home are 75-80% done but, for various reasons, I just can’t seem to finish them and call them good. Drives my husband NUTS. Seriously, if this marriage thing doesn’t work out, I’m pretty sure my inability to finish projects would be cited in the divorce papers. So, this year, I’ll be challenging myself to finish things. Hopefully this will lead to getting the House Tour more than 25% done.

When tackling a new challenge, I like to start small, in a non-overwhelming fashion. So I picked the smallest room in the house to start (and finish) decorating: the kids shared bath. It should be noted that this really only includes the bathtub/shower and toilet that they share. I didn’t even include their sink areas in this particular challenge.

The Plan

With a 5-year old girl and a 2-year old boy, I knew that the space had to be both gender neutral and FUN. Neither one of them is a huge fan of bath time, so, selfishly,  I was hopeful that a fresh space might make it a little less painful. The palette I settled on was mint, orange, light grey and dark grey and I am pretty pleased with how it came together.
Since the space was so small, I had to be bold with the color palette. The shower curtain was the obvious choice to make a statement in the room. After shopping around, I decided my best bet was to customize and DIY the Confetti Party curtain I’d seen at Land of Nod. You can check out that tutorial here.
I kept the paint color pretty simple. The walls were already painted white, so I just added some accents in mint. I decided to do the diagonal stripes to stick with the whimsical style of the room. I’m still trying to decide if I should add a fourth stripe higher up on the wall…but, for now, I’m calling it done (see, I have issues…).

Gender Neutral Kids Bathroom Reveal - Diagonal Stripes

I’ve had these monogrammed towel hooks sitting in the kids’ bathroom for about 2 1/2 years. I bought them from World Market (they still actually sell them). This seemed like the perfect opportunity to put them to use. I found two old black frames in the basement and made them new again with bright orange paint. Then I printed off and mod-podged black and white pics of the kids onto foam poster board and attached them to the frame.
Kids Bathroom Reveal, Mint, Orange & Grey
I picked up this cute “splash” bathmat at TJ Maxx, and the orange bath toy organizer at Buy Buy Baby.
Kids Bathroom Reveal - Mint, Orange and Grey
The picture below is one that I’d picked up for Ryan’s room, before I decided on a different color palette. Since the colors are right, and since bath time is usually right before bed, I think it works in this room.
The “Hot Showers” sign I DIY’d (will do a quickie blog post showing the how-to).
To be honest, I like it but don’t love it, so I’ll be on the lookout for something better, but it fills the space nicely for now. (See, there I go again, prolonging the project).
DIY Bathroom Sign
And, just for fun, a shot of the kids’ favorite bath toy.


Land of Nod – Inspired DIY Kids Shower Curtain

 DIY Kids Shower Curtain, Land of Nod Inspired

I’m currently in the midst of designing / decorating my kids’ shared bath area (reveal coming soon here). It’s the standard Jack & Jill set-up and I’ve selected a gender neutral palette that I think they’ll both approve of. The main color is a minty turquoise kinda color,  and then I’ve accented with light grey, dark grey and orange.

The room is obviously quite small, and pretty much just houses a bathtub and toilet, so I didn’t have a whole lot to work with to insert some personality into the space. I knew the shower curtain HAD to be a focal point. So I started shopping around, perusing the usual sources – Marshall’s, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, and, finally, Land of Nod. I fell in love with this shower curtain (the “Confetti Party” curtain) at Land of Nod. It’s whimsical, fun and colorful …although it didn’t quite jive with the colors I’d committed to. Fortunately, it looked pretty simple to DIY, so I could customize the colors to my exact palette!

In total, this curtain cost about $15 to make. I picked up this plain white shower curtain from Amazon, and then picked up a yard of the mint fabric, plus a few fat quarters of the accent colors from Joann Fabrics. Not bad, considering that the Land of Nod version runs $89. I will say that the Amazon shower curtain had a bit more of a “plastic-y” feel than I anticipated, but it still looks just fine.

Land of Nod – Inspired Shower Curtain

Land of Nod Inspired DIY Kids Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles


Land of Nod Inspired DIY Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles

1 plain white shower curtain
2 1/2 total yards of assorted fabrics
White thread


Scissors (use a good pair for a clean cut … I use these)
Sewing machine


The first step involves cutting lots and lots of fabric circles. I know there are machines that can do this for you, but I presently do not own any such machines and so I did this the old fashioned way. I ended up using a small paint can to trace circles on the fabric. I doubled the fabric over so that I could cut two circles out at once. You’ll need a total of about 135 fabric circles to do the whole curtain. Honestly, this step wasn’t as bad as I feared. Do it while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV – it really takes very little focus.

I used a small paint can to create a circle template. Trace the bottom of a can onto some sturdy cardboard and cut out the shape.

Trace the shape lightly with a pencil onto ironed fabric (doubled over for more efficient cutting).

Cut out your circles.


Once this step is done, you’ll want to lay out your pattern on the curtain. In keeping with the Land of Nod inspiration curtain, I kept it pretty random. I ended up with 9 rows with 15 circles per row. I probably could have added another row or two, but I knew once it got bunched up on the rod, there would be plenty of dots.

To start, I’d lay out my pattern. While I did want a random look, I did my best to avoid having two dots of the same color next to one another. Then I’d put two pins in the sides of each circle and, once a row was completed, I sewed them on, with a straight line down right the middle. I opted for white thread as I wanted the stitch to be noticeable (contrast).


Sorry that it’s out of focus. I think this was late Saturday night…


Pin and sew, pin and sew…

Just keep going until all your circles are sewed on.

Land of Nod Inspired DIY Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles

DIY Wall Valentines

Beckham + Belle: DIY Wood Wall Valentines

Within minutes of taking down our Christmas decorations, my daughter was all over me about when we would be decorating for Valentine’s Day. She takes after her momma, that one. We came up with these wall valentines as a functional decoration, just for her room. And, honestly, I think they could work all year round, at least with the decor she’s got going on in her room. We’ll probably gift a few of these as well, in place of the traditional candy and card.

This is a great project for using up wood scraps, craft paper scraps, etc!

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Wall Valentines

per valentine

DIY Wood Wall Valentines

1 12×12 piece of plywood or particle board
Assorted paint (spray paint optional)
Assorted craft paper
1 12×12 piece of heavy paper for template

jig saw
paint brush

Start by making your template. Take your heavy craft paper or card stock and fold it in half lengthwise. Draw half of a heart along the fold. Cut template.

Trace onto plywood/particle board.

Pull out your jig saw (this is the fun part). Slowly and steadily cut the heart shape out of the wood.

Sand edges to remove any splinters or rough spots.

Using your drill with a 3/4″ drill bit, drill a hole into the top middle spot on the heart (as pictured). Sand lightly to smooth.

Now you’re ready to paint. For the initial coat, I used spray paint, but you can use whatever you have. 
Decorate the hearts however you like! We used painter’s tape and craft tape to add the stripe detail.

And used mod podge for the heart that used craft paper as the accent. 

For the letters, we created a stencil using my Silhouette machine and some vinyl.

DIY Wood Wall Valentine
Have fun!
DIY Wood Wall Valentine