DIY Framed Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

DIy Framed Chalkboard Calendar

With three kids and full-time jobs, our lives can get hectic. So much so, that my husband and I often fail to communicate plans with one another. It’s unfortunately happened so many times that it’s become somewhat of a joke between the two of us. Luckily, we’re both understanding and we’re both guilty of forgetting to share plans. We tried to use the calendars on our phones to better communicate but we found that we often live day-to-day, one meeting to the next, so that didn’t quite work out for us. We needed something staring us in the face daily to remind each other what’s happening each week. Enter my DIY Wooden Chalkboard – highly functional and makes you look like you have it together even when your schedule is a mess! Read More

Chalkboard Beer Caddy

DiY Chalkboard Beer Caddy
Continuing our (admittedly sporadic) 12 Weeks of Christmas series, this week we’re making a few of these Chalkboard Beer Caddies for the beer lovers among our family and friends! Quick to whip up and personalizable (word??) to any person or holiday, we’re pretty pumped about this gift idea and will be making some extra to have on hand for last minute gifting needs!
The plan is actually eerily similar to the Distressed Toolbox Planter we made earlier this year, just in miniature.
1 3/4 dowel rod (approximately 1 ft long)
1 3 ft long 1×8 (note: a 1×6 would actually work here, if it was a true to size 1×6 … 1x6s are actually really 1×5.5 and 1x8s are more like 1×7.25s. So a 1×6 that you buy at the hardware store would be too small for this project. A hardware store 1×8 works, but it is a bit roomy for the standard beer bottle. You can trim it down to 6/6 1/2 inches wide if you like, but it works just fine without that step, IMHO)
2 small pieces of plywood or craft wood, each 4″x10″
1 4″x8″ piece of thin plywood (for the divider)
wood stain
chalkboard paint
First, cut your 1×8 into the following lengths.
2 12″ pieces
1 8″ piece
Next angle cut the ends of your caddy (the 12″ pieces). The easiest way to achieve this is to measure down on each board about 6 inches. Then, measure over 2 1/2 inches from the top corners. Draw lines connecting the two marks. Cut with either a miter, jig or circular saw (I used a miter).



Next, you’ll want to cut a divot for the divider on the base piece (the 8″ piece). I did this by drawing a line through the middle of the board and then running it through the table saw twice to get the desired divot width.


Fit a small piece of plywood into the slot.
Next, assemble the sides to the base piece. Before attaching, you’ll want to drill 3/4″ holes into the top of each side (easiest to line your pieces up and drill through both of them at the same time to ensure the they align).


I used wood glue, and then followed up with nails once the glue had set.

Meanwhile, paint your 10″ plywood or craft wood with chalkboard paint. Use two coats.


Chalk up the boards so that future chalk use won’t permanently mark it up.
Next, stain the caddy. Stain the dowel rod as well. (I used walnut … a Beckham + Bell favorite. Check out our post on distressing wood and selecting stain colors).
Finally, assemble the chalkboard pieces to the unit. I used a nail gun for this part, but you could certainly use a good old fashioned hammer as well!
Stock that baby with beer and gift away! (This would also be really cute with milk bottles filled with flowers … a little more feminine, for sure!)
DiY Chalkboard Beer Caddy