Easy DIY Kids Crop Top


*Note: This easy DIY Kids Crop Top could very easily be adapted to an adult version. I’ll get to that tutorial as soon as I get to my abs….

Sometimes projects turn out to be so easy that I hesitate to even write about them … and this is one such project. But, honestly, it never occurred to me to DIY what is clearly and obviously a DIY-able project – a cute and easy crop top for my little dancer.

My daughter is obsessed with all things dance / gymnastics. Her favorite form of artistic expression is acro, which – if you’re not aware – is basically a hybrid of dance and gymnastics. It involves a lot of flexibility and flipping around and, dare I say, she’s quite good at it. The style, I’m told, is to wear a crop top over one’s leotard and my daughter has been dead set on finding one that will allow her to express her ‘dancer style’. It’s been surprisingly difficult to locate one that meets her criteria. But then, this past weekend, when we were cleaning out her closet of old / too small clothes (a job that never ends), it occurred to me that one of these too-short shirts could actually be repurposed into just the crop top she’s been looking for. This one was our first attempt, but I can tell you it will not be our last. I’m just hoping that there are regular-length shirts still left in her closet when she’s done with this phase. Read More

DIY Superhero Dress-up Corner

DIY Superhero Dress-up Corner

My boys’ room is typically a disaster. They play with something for five minutes and it doesn’t get put away. They change into their pjs, dirty clothes stay on the floor. Typical four & six year-old activity… Recently the boys have been into dressing up like superheroes and I scored some sweet deals on costumes post Halloween. But like every other thing they get their hands on these just piled up all over the place. I made this simple dress-up corner that is reachable height for them so they can easily hang their costumes back up after dressing up. (I’ll be honest, they haven’t had the strongest compliance with hanging them back up so far…). But it turned out pretty cute regardless and fills an otherwise awkward little space in their room. The supplies only cost a few bucks and it took just a few minutes to throw it all together! Read More

How to ReWig an American Girl Doll


I frankly should not have been surprised when my daughter came to me asking how we could rewig her American Girl doll. My daughter’s obsession with her American Girl doll (Saige) has been previously documented. She comes up with the craziest ideas of things that we need to do or make for Saige and will not rest until it’s done. Saige’s dollhouse must be decorated for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas in advance of the decorating of our actual home.  So I knew her latest plan to rewig her American girl doll was not one that she would drop. Read More

5 Killer Strategies to Save Money this Holiday Season


I was talking to a friend recently, giving some (solicited) financial advice and she noticed how geeked up I got talking about it. She asked why I never write about personal finance since I was clearly such a nut about it. Good question. I do love personal finance…maybe more specifically, I love the game of it. Finding little unknown hacks here and there to save money and optimize finances. It’s so fun! Unfortunately, it’s a little off-subject for this blog. With that said, I think most of our readers shop for the holidays and I think most of our readers are looking to get the most bang for their buck….so, I’m going for it with this post and hoping that this post gives you some fun and actionable ways to save some coin this holiday season! Read More

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday

Hosting a Tea Party birthday, diy kids party idea

My daughter starts talking about her birthday (which occurs at the end of April) shortly after Christmas. She’ll discuss possible themes, debate the guest list and, of course, throw out countless birthday gift suggestions. By February, the theme is generally set and, by mid-April, I realize that, oh crap, I actually have to execute her vision for her birthday party and  I frantically start ordering things online.

After a couple of months of scanning every possible idea on Pinterest, she settled on the idea of a tea party. Read More