DIY Serena & Lily Inspired Chambray Stripe Throw Pillow
Every once in a while, a project turns out even better than you had hoped. I should note that this does not happen to me very often, as I am usually overly optimistic on my carpentry/seamstress/chef skills. But it happened this time! 
As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m not a great seamstress. My skills are for the most part limited to sewing throw pillows and curtains (and the occasional editing of a piece of child’s clothing). And so I’ll apologize upfront for my basic and amateur vernacular when it comes to giving  you guys sewing instructions. 
Anyhow, back to the project. I’ve been eyeing these pillows from Serena & Lily for a long while. They are 100% my style and could work in pretty much any room in my house. But, given my tendencies to change throw pillows every few months, I knew that it would not be a wise investment for me to pay $68/pillow cover. Plus, the more I studied the design, I realized I could probably mimic it fairly simply with my sewing machine. Here’s how I did it!
Serena & Lily Inspired Pillow Cover
DIY Serena & Lily Inspired Chambray Stripe Throw Pillow
<1 yard Chambray fabric (I found mine for a great price on Amazon. It’s wide, so you can get the 41 inches you need crosswise).
<1 yard White or Off-white fabric (same weight as the Chambray that you use). Again, you’ll be able to get the strips you need crosswise.
White/off-white thread
Black thread  (I like this brand)
I wanted to make a 20” square pillow, so the dimensions I provide are for this size. Note that the directions include pictures of two different twists on this pillow design, hopefully it’s not confusing. 
Cut chambray fabric into an 8” wide by 41″ long strip. Cut two white fabric strips 6.5” wide by 41″ long. 
Pin pieces together, with chambray fabric in the middle (as the center stripe). 
The lighter fabric is longer than the darker fabric only because I didn’t cut it yet. All three pieces should be the same length.

I used a basic straight stitch to attach the three pieces together.  

Next, iron each hem down the middle (as pictured), to flatten.
Now onto the fun part – the black decorative stitching. Somehow I’d never noticed before that my very basic sewing machine actually has some pretty neat stitches it can do. I experimented with a few of them to see how they looked and worked with the fabric. Ultimately I decided on the star shaped stitch since it seemed to handle the weight of the fabric best and looked kind of neat.
I used the dark fabric as my guide and sewed as straight as I could about 1/4 of an inch off the seam. A couple of times, my machine tied itself up so I had to go back and undo the stitch and then redo it, to keep with the pattern.

Repeat the stitch on the other side of the blue stripe.
Now you’re ready to fold the fabric into your pillow shape. I opted for a simple envelope style at the back (because I go for simple when sewing!), but you could certainly do a zipper as well.
Sew a hem on either end of the pillow (the parts that will come together as the envelope).
Fold into pillow shape inside out, overlapping your seams to make an envelope pillow style case. Sew down the sides

Good luck! I personally think this pillow is worth the effort. I’ve already made three!

Any other pillow designs out there that you think would be fun to DIY?! Let us know in the comments.

DIY Serena & Lily Inspired Chambray Stripe Throw Pillow