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Creating is my passion. I like to build, grow and just generally get my hands dirty. When I see something I like, my first instinct is not "where can I find it?" but, rather, "how can I make it?".


I have a hard time describing my home decor style.... maybe because I don't really have one. I love open, light, bright and airy spaces with bold accents and lots of botanicals.  While generally thrifty, I'll splurge here and there on that one of a kind piece that I know will make me smile every time I see it.


I grew up in Canada, then moved to Ohio (GO BUCKS!)  and now live in the Charlotte, NC area with my hilarious husband, my sassy five year old daughter and my sweet and destructive two year old son. We recently moved into our dream home - a home we designed ourselves (with the help of an architect, of course!). When free time presents itself, you'll find me either contemplating a home project or working on one.



My life is unorganized, random, and often deranged. I write primarily as an outlet and have done so from a young age. I don’t claim to be an expert at anything I write about; I write about what I love, what moves me, and what I enjoy. I believe in being honest, staying true to myself and never being too serious.


My roots are in fashion. I love it and I’ve lived it, working in the retail industry for the past 11 years. As if working in retail doesn’t consume enough of my time and energy, I am married with two silly, bright, incredible little boys and a beautiful, sweet baby girl.


Being a mommy & wife are my priorities and above anything else, what I live for. Fashion is my passion, but when I find time in between changing diapers, cleaning up “uh-ohs”, and rehearsing the ABCs, I also love interior decorating, baking, and DIY projects.

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