*Note: This easy DIY Kids Crop Top could very easily be adapted to an adult version. I’ll get to that tutorial as soon as I get to my abs….

Sometimes projects turn out to be so easy that I hesitate to even write about them … and this is one such project. But, honestly, it never occurred to me to DIY what is clearly and obviously a DIY-able project – a cute and easy crop top for my little dancer.

My daughter is obsessed with all things dance / gymnastics. Her favorite form of artistic expression is acro, which – if you’re not aware – is basically a hybrid of dance and gymnastics. It involves a lot of flexibility and flipping around and, dare I say, she’s quite good at it. The style, I’m told, is to wear a crop top over one’s leotard and my daughter has been dead set on finding one that will allow her to express her ‘dancer style’. It’s been surprisingly difficult to locate one that meets her criteria. But then, this past weekend, when we were cleaning out her closet of old / too small clothes (a job that never ends), it occurred to me that one of these too-short shirts could actually be repurposed into just the crop top she’s been looking for. This one was our first attempt, but I can tell you it will not be our last. I’m just hoping that there are regular-length shirts still left in her closet when she’s done with this phase.

Anyway, here’s how we did it!

Quick & Easy DIY Kids Crop Top



A too-small or otherwise unsatisfactory-in-its-current-state t-shirt

Good, sharp sewing scissors

Fabric marking pencil, optional.

That’s it.


First, have your crop top wearer try the shirt on as it is. Figure out where on the belly you want the bottom of the shirt to hit, and make a mark with a fabric marking pencil or a little snip with your scissors in the back of the shirt (you will need the full length in the front to make the ties).

Lay the shirt flat, front side down and carefully cut along the sides of the shirt to get to the desired shirt length. Fold the excess fabric up, and cut a straight line across the back. If you don’t trust your eye, you could draw the line first with a fabric marking pencil.



Now, to the front (although I kept the shirt front side down to make it easier to cut). I found it easiest to fold in the corners into a V. This allowed me to approximate the middle of the shirt.


Cut off the folded flaps so that you are left with a triangular shape on the bottom of the front of the shirt.


Then, cut a line straight up the middle of the V/triangle, all the way to the bottom of the back of the shirt.


Tie them up into a cute knot and you’ve got a cute, cheap & easy DIY crop top!