DIy Framed Chalkboard Calendar

With three kids and full-time jobs, our lives can get hectic. So much so, that my husband and I often fail to communicate plans with one another. It’s unfortunately happened so many times that it’s become somewhat of a joke between the two of us. Luckily, we’re both understanding and we’re both guilty of forgetting to share plans. We tried to use the calendars on our phones to better communicate but we found that we often live day-to-day, one meeting to the next, so that didn’t quite work out for us. We needed something staring us in the face daily to remind each other what’s happening each week. Enter my DIY Wooden Chalkboard – highly functional and makes you look like you have it together even when your schedule is a mess!


1/2″ 2′ x 2′ Birch Plywood

4 pieces, 1″ x 2″ x 25.5″ long Pine Lumber cut with 45 degree miters

Wood Stain *I used Minwax Dark Walnut

Wood Primer

Chalkboard Paint

White Sharpie Paint Pen

2 Sawtooth Hangers

Tools Used

Miter Saw

Electric Sander



Measuring Tape


I bought my wood from Menards. They sell wood pre-cut for various projects so it makes it super easy when you don’t have or don’t want to mess with a table saw. I started by sanding down my 24″ x 24″ wood. I sanded the surface until it was smooth to the touch. When making any kind of chalkboard, you want the surface to be as smooth as possible and free of any bumps, lumps, and knots.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

Then, I cut my 1″ x 2″ wood into 4 pieces with 45 degree miters using my miter saw. I sanded all sides and edges of these pieces. Make sure you measure and cut as you go to ensure accuracy. Even pre-cut wood from the lumber store can slightly vary so this is super important!

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

I used my favorite color stain, Dark Walnut from Minwax, to stain my frame.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

Before applying Chalkboard paint to any wood, the wood first needs a coat of primer. Assuming you’re using Black Chalkboard Paint, really any color will work. I tend to use a color of primer that’s close the Chalkboard Paint color, so in this instance, I used dark grey. Once dry, apply a coat of the Chalkboard Paint. Let it dry thoroughly before applying a second coat. Some brands of Chalkboard Paint require multiple coats, so be sure to follow the brand’s instructions accordingly.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

The final coat of Chalkboard Paint typically requires a minimum of 24 hours to dry before you can use chalk on your board. Once ready, I measured and marked my grid using a pencil. I made each mark 3″ from one another to create 5 rows and 7 columns.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

Then, using a Sharpie Paint Pen and a ruler, I created my permanent lines. You might notice my lines aren’t completely perfect in a couple places – after finishing my lines, I went back and touched it up with a small paintbrush & the Chalkboard Paint. Note: Not thinking, I also shook my pen over the chalkboard – not recommended. The paint splattered, requiring additional touch-ups. Make sure to put the lid back on the marker when shaking!

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

I intentionally left some extra space at both the top and bottom of the grid. At the top, of course, this is where you’ll write in the month. At the bottom, I wanted to leave extra room for notes / to dos.

To finish off the DIY Framed Wooden Chalkboard Calendar, I used the paint pen to write in each day of the week and went back with an eraser to all of my pencil marks.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

Using a nail gun, I carefully nailed the frame to the edges of the chalkboard. The wood I used for the Chalkboard is about 1/2″ thin so you need patience and precision when nailing, otherwise you risk driving a nail into the front of the board.

Once the framed is nailed to board, use two sawtooth hangers to prepare your calendar for hanging.

DIY Wooden Chalkboard Calendar

I chalked in the month (don’t judge that I’m posting this in July vs. May when I finished my project!) and the dates.

Chalkboard Calendar

I’m so happy with the finished product. We’ve already found so much use and benefit to having a wall calendar and I love how it looks hanging in our hallway.

Chalkboard Calendar

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