Hosting a Tea Party birthday, diy kids party idea

My daughter starts talking about her birthday (which occurs at the end of April) shortly after Christmas. She’ll discuss possible themes, debate the guest list and, of course, throw out countless birthday gift suggestions. By February, the theme is generally set and, by mid-April, I realize that, oh crap, I actually have to execute her vision for her birthday party and  I frantically start ordering things online.

After a couple of months of scanning every possible idea on Pinterest, she settled on the idea of a tea party. My daughter is pretty girly so this really wasn’t much of a leap for her. Every party she has needs to have a “main event” craft and so decorating hats for tea party festivities was the natural choice. Plus, the hat, along with these cute and theme-appropriate lollipops served as the perfect party favor.

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, lollipops


tea party teacup

The  DIY balloon chandelier was the centerpiece of the birthday decor. I’m hoping to do a separate post on that DIY project … coming soon!

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY balloon chandelier

We also set up a “photo booth” (really, just a sheet of cute floral fabric with some props) that the girls went crazy for. I got some of my cutest pics from the party here.

tea party photo booth photo props

The food was super easy. We made the traditional triangle-shaped, crusts-cut-off tea sandwiches, some turkey, some turkey and cheese and some PB&J (of course check with guests about allergies ahead of time). Seven year olds are crazy about Chick-Fil-A, so we also ordered a tray of chicken nuggets and a tray of fruit.

Suggested Supplies

tea party supplies

Tablecloth in theme color (here or check your local dollar store)

Floral fabric runner (tip: find a fabric that you can repurpose after the party)

Tea cups and saucers (it’s unlikely that we’ll repeat the tea party theme again, so I opted for these inexpensive and disposable cups and saucers, they were really cute and a hit with the girls)

Lunch/Dessert plates and napkins (I used these and these because they matched the tea cups above)

Summer hats (I found mine at the dollar store … if it’s spring or early summer, you should be able to find some there, otherwise these are another option (shipping is cheaper per unit if you buy multiple) … or these (you’d just need to take off the bow and flower so that they could be re-decorated). I simply removed the ribbon that came with the hats so that the girls could customize theirs.

Assorted artificial flowers (I found it more economical to buy bunches of artificial flowers and pull the flowers off … actually I had my daughter do it, kept her entertained for at least an hour. Win!). Allow about 3 flowers per hat, so long as they are fairly large flowers. I actually repurposed the Toolbox Planter and used it to stock the ribbon and assorted flowers.

Assorted wide ribbon. We used a combination of pastel colored ribbon and lace, similar here,  here and here

Hot glue guns (I picked up a couple extra inexpensive ones since we had 14 guests)

Hot glue sticks

Birthday banner, balloons and floral garlands for decorating


Suggested Agenda

tea party decor

The party ran from 10:30 – 12:30 and I split up the time as follows

10:30-10:45 – arrivals, greetings, getting settled

10:45-11:05 – light lunch of sandwiches, chicken nuggets and fruit

tea party food

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY

11:05 – 11:15- clear the table (girls ran around / danced during this time), set up for hat decorating

tea party dancing

11:15-11:45 – hat decorating*

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, hat decorating supplies

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY

11:45 – 12:10 – photo booth fun

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, photo booth props

tea party photo booth

tea party photo booth

12:10-12:30 – cake & open gifts (as I’ve mentioned before, I personally like having my kids open their gifts in front of their friends, but I know some parents prefer to do it later)

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, tea party cake

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY

*I’d recommend having a 1:4 or 1:5 adult to child ratio during hat decorating time. we didn’t have quite that and there was a bit of a line up / wait to get help with the hot glue gun

And that’s a wrap! Want another party idea for a little girl? Check out last year’s Beanie Boo Adoption Party!

Hosting a Tea Party Birthday, DIY kids party idea

Tea Party Birthday DIY Idea