DIY Wood Square Photo Art

Kind of a dumb project title, I know … but I wasn’t quite sure what to call these … they’re kind of like pop art, but not quite. I did use wood squares, and added photos … and I did it myself … so “DIY Wood Square Photo Wall Art” works, right?!?!?!

I might also add that my daughter is horrified by the pink one. Her exact words? “Now everyone will know how crazy I am!” Apparently I am not allowed to hang it anywhere in the house….which kind of defeats the purpose of this project. I may just have to replace it. The irony, of course, is that the pink one is actually my favorite – it’s just so….her!

Anyway, this idea was heavily inspired by some nursery art that I saw floating around Pinterest. I can’t find it now, but basically they had used cute animal pictures and mod podged them to brightly colored wood blocks. I just wanted personalized versions, so I whipped these up. Seriously one of the easiest and cheapest projects I’ve done in a long time.


diy wood square photo art

3 6.5×6.5 wood squares (I cut mine to size, but you can order some smaller pre-cut ones here on Amazon if you don’t have the tools, or inclination!)

3 different complementary color craft paints (I used pink, teal and purple)

Black craft paint

Mod Podge

Foam brush

Artist brush

3 black and white pictures of your choice (printed out on white cardstock or professionally developed)


First, cut your wood pieces to size.  I actually used 3/8″ MDF, just because I had it on hand, and I knew I’d be painting (v. staining) it. Mine ended up being about 7″x7″. Sizes are definitely flexible! If you’re using pre-cut squares, skip this step!

diy wood square photo art

Paint the fronts of each of the squares the colors of your choosing. Don’t paint the edges yet. Allow to dry and then do a second coat.

diy wood square photo art

Prepare your photos. Carefully cut your subject out of your printed pictures, as neatly and as closely as you can.

diy wood square photo art

Once the squares are dry, mod podge the back of each cut photo, being careful to get the mod podge all over the entire area of the photo backing. Apply to the square. I chose to do one center-justified, one left-justified and one right-justified, just for some added interest/variety. Press down to ensure that picture will adhere fully. Allow to dry for at least 15 minutes.

diy wood square photo art

Next, mod podge over the whole front of each square using even strokes.  Allow to dry for 20 minutes. *Note* If you’ve printed your picture off on white cardstock, be gentle with this step. Too much rubbing of the brush will damage your image.

diy wood square photo art


Finally, tackle the edges. You can either do this free-hand or use painter’s tape to ensure that the black doesn’t bleed onto the front of the square. I liked the dimension that the black edge added to the art. Paint each edge with the black craft paint and allow to dry.

diy wood square photo art

I mounted these with the Command velcro strips so that they would stay flush to the wall, but you could use regular mounting hardware as well if you choose.

DIY wood square photos