DIY Wooden Gift Box, with Craft Cocktail Ingredients It’s no secret around here that we’re pretty obsessed with finding the next best craft cocktail. I recently realized that there are now cocktail ingredient subscription boxes available – and am seriously considering signing up for one as a Christmas gift for my husband. Actually, I realized, it’s really a perfect Christmas gift for a lot of people. A box of interesting liquors and fresh ingredients to make new cocktails? Who wouldn’t want that?!

DIY Wood Gift Box, with Cocktail IngredientsMy first challenge … coming up with a container to house all the cocktail ingredients. I wanted something reuseable and, preferably DIY-able. With tons of scrap wood up in the workshop, I found enough off-cuts to put together a small box. Basically free, but if you had to buy the supplies, it would only run you a few bucks.

DIY Wood Gift Box, with Craft Cocktail Ingredients

Next up … what kind of cocktail ingredients to include? I wanted something unique but still tried-and-true. For me, that’s the Vermont 75, which is a Vermont twist on the French 75. The ingredients fit perfectly in the box.

Here’s how to make your own…


1 4′ 1’x4′

2 9.25″x12.5″  pieces of 1/4 inch plywood

wood stain of your choice


gold paint

gold glitter


Start with your 1×4. Set your table saw blade to about 1/4 inch high (to make the grooves). You’ll need to run each groove through about three times, tweaking the gate about 1/8 inch each time. Since the plywood is about 1/4″ thick, you’ll want the groove to be slightly larger so the lid will slide more easily.

The top groove should be between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch down from the top. The bottom should be closer to 1/4 inch from the bottom. I didn’t have a 4′ piece, so used two pieces to get my box frame.

diy wood box

Once your grooves are done, test that the plywood will fit. Once you’re satisfied that the bottom will fit and that the lid will slide, cut the 4′ piece into two 12″ pieces and two 10″ pieces. (The 4′ piece gives you a little bit of wiggle room in case you mess a cut up).

Fit one of the pieces of plywood between the two 12″ side pieces. Then fit one of the 10″ pieces along the back. Nail into place.

diy wood box


diy wooden box


diy wooden box

Next, take your last 10″ piece and cut off the top groove, so that the top plywood piece can slide into the top. (The front piece will be slightly shorter than the other three sides).


Nail the fourth side into place. Slide the top piece in.

diy wooden box

Stain with a stain of your choice (I chose Special Walnut by Minwax). Allow to dry.

Prepare your stencil. I used my Silhouette machine and some vinyl to make a ‘cheers’ stencil.

diy wooden box

Then applied a coat or two of gold craft paint.

diy wooden box

While the paint is still tacky, sprinkle on some gold glitter. Allow to dry.

diy wooden box

Now it’s ready to stock with some of your favorite cocktail ingredients! Don’t forget to include the recipe (I forgot for the shoot…oops).

img_9703 diy wooden box

diy wooden gift box