Fall is my favorite time of year to travel, I think. Maybe it’s because most of my favorite travel activities are optimal in the fall – eating local fare, hiking, drives in the country, visiting farms and markets. I’m really not much of a lay out on the beach person. I’m far too restless (anxious??) for that.

I recently came across an awesome blog called Compass + Twine. The blog authors, Sarah and Lindsay, document their travels to amazing places, most of which are pretty accessible. They also travel a ton in New England, which, as I’ve previously mentioned, is one of my favorite areas to travel to. They’ve given me several ideas for new places to try out on our next adventure out there and they do such an amazing job of capturing the vibe of the places they visit.

So, when I recently stumbled across a group of pictures from a past trip to Picton, Ontario in the fall, I thought it would be fun to follow their example and share with you why I so highly recommend the area as a fall destination.

We headed up to Picton for Canadian Thanksgiving (that’s in early October for those of you who have never celebrated Canadian-style). Why is Thanksgiving in October, instead of November you ask? Good question. I’m told it’s because the harvest comes earlier in Canada than it does in the U.S. Makes sense to me. Growing up in Canada, I do recall a Halloween or two where it snowed….

Anyway, several features make Picton the ideal place for a fall vacation. One, it’s super picturesque. There’s rolling hills, water (it sits on an inlet of Lake Ontario), gorgeous and historic homes, farms and orchards. I went a little crazy with the photo ops (sorry about that).

picton harbor

Two, there are lots of wineries (the region is becoming well known for its wines), amazing restaurants and a classic main street with wonderful shopping. Three, tt’s close to Sandbanks Provincial Park, which is home to huge sand dunes that will entertain kids of all ages. My daughter couldn’t get enough of it. The temperatures that time of year were perfect, just cool enough to wear a light sweater or vest (ideal fall weather!).


We stayed at my aunt and uncle’s place but dined out at a couple of the local restaurants. The most memorable was our brunch at the Drake Devonshire, which is a well-known hotel in the area. (Owned by the same folks who own The Drake Hotel in Toronto, if you’re familiar).

drake devonshire bikes

Brunch for me was Chicken and Waffles … something I pretty much never order but on a crisp fall day, it sounded perfect! And it was. They have an amazing cocktail list. I tried their Pisco Verde and a lime gimlet, pictured below and later recreated at home (will post recipe shortly).


Apple picking was on the docket, as I’d never taken my daughter before. We hit up Campbell’s Orchard, which had tons of varieties (most important, of course, being the Honeycrisp).

img_1785 img_1782 img_1780 img_1779

And, on the subject of apples, there’s also a delicious cidery called the County Cider Company that offers tastings of their many hard cider flavors. Since I’m pretty obsessed with ciders, it was a must-do on my list and it did not disappoint.

At one of the markets in town, we found some of the most amazing produce. Believe it or not, that’s a butternut squash that my dear mom is holding. And purple cauliflower? So cool.

img_1756 img_1754 gourdspurple cauliflowerpicton pumpkins

Attached to the market was a working farm, with tons of animals to occupy my daughter’s attention while we perused the market’s goods.

img_1749 img_1748 img_1750


If you’re craving a quintessential autumn vibe, Picton is truly the perfect getaway for the whole family.