I guess I should start by telling you how we arrived at the idea of a “Beanie Boo Adoption Party”.  About a month or two before my daughter’s birthday, we sat down with the computer, opened up Pinterest and starting looking for party ideas. Holy Pandora’s box…




Anyway, after a couple of evenings of debating the merits of a My Little Pony party versus an American Girl doll t-shirt decorating party, she went in an entirely different direction and announced that what she wanted, in fact, was a “Beanie Boo – Adoption Party – slash – Ice Cream Sundae Party”.

The ice cream sundae part was the easy part. I ordered pretty much EVERYTHING online, except for the ice cream of course (more details on that later). But I needed to figure out how a “Beanie Boo Adoption” worked. Thankfully, a couple of other bloggers had already pulled off such a party, so I gathered some initial inspiration from them.

Paige over at Paige’s Party Ideas had some great ideas from a Beanie Boo adoption party a friend of hers threw for her six year old daughter. She even incorporated a vet clinic and check-out area (I didn’t go that far!!). I probably borrowed the most ideas from Monograms ‘n Mud – namely, the pink and purple color palette and the craft idea. The craft idea was key because with 20 of my daughter’s most beloved friends coming to the party, I needed to make sure I had a way to keep them busy and out of trouble!!

Our DIY Beanie Boo Adoption Party Plan

The key elements of our Beanie Boo Adoption / Ice Cream Sundae Party were as follows:

The Beanie Boo Adoption

Each child was given a numbered ticket upon arrival to the party. The tickets were simply thin strips of cardstock with heart shaped numbers attached. The number corresponded with a number that I had earlier assigned to each Beanie Boo that we’d purchased (Update: since the party, I learned that Beanie Boos are often sold in ‘lots’ on eBay – looks like you can get some great deals! If not, Amazon is a good bet). I kept the number assignments random, except for rigging it to make sure the birthday girl got her preferred Beanie Boo and I made sure that the three boys who attended got the more masculine looking Beanie Boos.


The Beanie Boo Registration Process.

Most of the kids in attendance are kindergarteners and are learning how to read and write. I thought it would be fun for them to practice their new skills with the Beanie Boo registration cards.


They were asked to fill in their names, the names of their adopted Beanie Boos (found on the tag), the Beanie Boo’s birthday (also on the tag), eye color and fur color. They then signed their names, promising to take good care of their adopted Beanie Boos!



Craft Time – Beanie Boo Party Hats

With registration complete, we moved on to the task of making sure the Beanie Boos were party-ready. I had planned on making the party hats, but then I stumbled across my party hats  during a Target run (update: sold out but these are cute too….and these as well). They were the perfect size and only a few bucks. Done and done.

I also hit Target and Amazon for stickers, sequin tape,  jewels, etc. for the kids to decorate the hats with. Each table was set up with a few bottles of glue and an assortment of hat decorations. Some of them (my daughter included) got pretty creative with it.

Ice Cream Sundaes.

After the Beanie Boo adoption, the kids were fired up for ice cream. I made the mistake of having all of the sundae fixings set out at the start of the party. Bowls of gummy worms, gummy bears, swedish fish, M & Ms, and sprinkles sat out for the taking. I had to shoo the kids away several times from this table!

If I were doing it again, I’d definitely wait till after craft time to set out the sundae toppings. I found waffle bowls on Amazon, which made the sundaes extra special. Three cartons of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry – were more than enough for this sized party. The most expedient way to serve 20 kids ice cream seemed to be to take everyone’s order, fill up the waffle bowls and then bring them out all at once.


Believe it or not, this was our first party having a piñata and, let me tell you, we’ve been missing out. It was so much fun. It was a little stressful making sure the kids didn’t whack each other in the head, but they had a blast!! And it kept them occupied for 20-25 minutes. The piñata was also from Amazon and it was the perfect size for the crowd!


(Optional) Our Beanie Boo Adoption party was 2 hours long so there was just enough time for my daughter to open up her presents before parents started arriving for pick-up.

I don’t usually blog about my kids’ birthday parties because they always erupt into chaos and picture-taking is out of the question. But this Beanie Boo Adoption themed party actually worked as planned and the kids were occupied/entertained for most of the time so I could get some shots. Highly recommend! Looking for another idea for a little girl’s party? Check out 2017’s Tea Party Birthday.


Beanie Boo Adoption Kids Party