Beckham + Belle: DIY Wood Wall Valentines

Within minutes of taking down our Christmas decorations, my daughter was all over me about when we would be decorating for Valentine’s Day. She takes after her momma, that one. We came up with these wall valentines as a functional decoration, just for her room. And, honestly, I think they could work all year round, at least with the decor she’s got going on in her room. We’ll probably gift a few of these as well, in place of the traditional candy and card.

This is a great project for using up wood scraps, craft paper scraps, etc!

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Wall Valentines

per valentine

DIY Wood Wall Valentines

1 12×12 piece of plywood or particle board
Assorted paint (spray paint optional)
Assorted craft paper
1 12×12 piece of heavy paper for template

jig saw
paint brush

Start by making your template. Take your heavy craft paper or card stock and fold it in half lengthwise. Draw half of a heart along the fold. Cut template.

Trace onto plywood/particle board.

Pull out your jig saw (this is the fun part). Slowly and steadily cut the heart shape out of the wood.

Sand edges to remove any splinters or rough spots.

Using your drill with a 3/4″ drill bit, drill a hole into the top middle spot on the heart (as pictured). Sand lightly to smooth.

Now you’re ready to paint. For the initial coat, I used spray paint, but you can use whatever you have. 
Decorate the hearts however you like! We used painter’s tape and craft tape to add the stripe detail.

And used mod podge for the heart that used craft paper as the accent. 

For the letters, we created a stencil using my Silhouette machine and some vinyl.

DIY Wood Wall Valentine
Have fun!
DIY Wood Wall Valentine