DIY Kids Shower Curtain, Land of Nod Inspired

I’m currently in the midst of designing / decorating my kids’ shared bath area (reveal coming soon here). It’s the standard Jack & Jill set-up and I’ve selected a gender neutral palette that I think they’ll both approve of. The main color is a minty turquoise kinda color,  and then I’ve accented with light grey, dark grey and orange.

The room is obviously quite small, and pretty much just houses a bathtub and toilet, so I didn’t have a whole lot to work with to insert some personality into the space. I knew the shower curtain HAD to be a focal point. So I started shopping around, perusing the usual sources – Marshall’s, Pottery Barn Kids, Target, and, finally, Land of Nod. I fell in love with this shower curtain (the “Confetti Party” curtain) at Land of Nod. It’s whimsical, fun and colorful …although it didn’t quite jive with the colors I’d committed to. Fortunately, it looked pretty simple to DIY, so I could customize the colors to my exact palette!

In total, this curtain cost about $15 to make. I picked up this plain white shower curtain from Amazon, and then picked up a yard of the mint fabric, plus a few fat quarters of the accent colors from Joann Fabrics. Not bad, considering that the Land of Nod version runs $89. I will say that the Amazon shower curtain had a bit more of a “plastic-y” feel than I anticipated, but it still looks just fine.

Land of Nod – Inspired Shower Curtain

Land of Nod Inspired DIY Kids Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles


Land of Nod Inspired DIY Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles

1 plain white shower curtain
2 1/2 total yards of assorted fabrics
White thread


Scissors (use a good pair for a clean cut … I use these)
Sewing machine


The first step involves cutting lots and lots of fabric circles. I know there are machines that can do this for you, but I presently do not own any such machines and so I did this the old fashioned way. I ended up using a small paint can to trace circles on the fabric. I doubled the fabric over so that I could cut two circles out at once. You’ll need a total of about 135 fabric circles to do the whole curtain. Honestly, this step wasn’t as bad as I feared. Do it while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV – it really takes very little focus.

I used a small paint can to create a circle template. Trace the bottom of a can onto some sturdy cardboard and cut out the shape.

Trace the shape lightly with a pencil onto ironed fabric (doubled over for more efficient cutting).

Cut out your circles.


Once this step is done, you’ll want to lay out your pattern on the curtain. In keeping with the Land of Nod inspiration curtain, I kept it pretty random. I ended up with 9 rows with 15 circles per row. I probably could have added another row or two, but I knew once it got bunched up on the rod, there would be plenty of dots.

To start, I’d lay out my pattern. While I did want a random look, I did my best to avoid having two dots of the same color next to one another. Then I’d put two pins in the sides of each circle and, once a row was completed, I sewed them on, with a straight line down right the middle. I opted for white thread as I wanted the stitch to be noticeable (contrast).


Sorry that it’s out of focus. I think this was late Saturday night…


Pin and sew, pin and sew…

Just keep going until all your circles are sewed on.

Land of Nod Inspired DIY Shower Curtain - Confetti Circles