I intended to post a good New Years cocktail today, however I celebrated New Years Eve with the stomach flu. Boo. Needless to say I didn’t enjoy any cocktails for New Years so I’m lacking something festive and fancy to share. The Huffington Post did pull one of our recent cocktails, our Blackberry Lime Gin Gimlet, as one of twenty “Great New Years Eve Cocktails” so if you’re looking for something a little more NYE-esque, check out that post.
Otherwise, if you’re looking for a classic, go-to, look no further.
My first experience with moonshine was actually with Ashleigh. On a road trip down to visit Ashleigh and fam, the guys decided to stop and get some party supplies in Kentucky which included Ole Smoky Moonshine Cherries. Boozy maraschino cherries make the perfect addition to all kinds of drinks (also acceptable to munch on a couple on their own…their sweet with heat and so good!). The most obvious mixer to me is some good ol’ Coca-Cola. It’s just like an old fashioned cherry Coca-Cola (sub moonshine for grenadine).

Cherry Coca Cola Ole Smokey Moonshine // Beckham + Belle

Cherry Coca-Cola Ole Smoky Moonshine 
Makes one drink
6 oz Coca-Cola
2 oz Ole Smokey Moonshine Cherries juice + 3-4 cherries
Fill a glass with ice. Add moonshine. Add soda. Top with 3-4 cherries.
Sip. Repeat.
herry Coca Cola Ole Smokey Moonshine // Beckham + Belle