New Year's Eve Decorations

I’d committed to making a festive decoration for my friend’s NYE party. As I always do,
I left this little project till the last minute (New Year’s Resolution #1: Stop leaving things till the last minute). Fortunately, it came together really quickly and easily. All you’ll need to do is scrounge up a few empty wine bottles, print out some letters and numbers on your Silhouette machine, and you’re in business.


4 empty wine bottles (mine were clear)
1 12xs12 Glitter cardstock
2 8 1/2 x 11 Black cardstock
Glitter whirly sticks or skewers to hold numbers in place

Cut glitter cardstock into 4 3×8 strips, reserving a 4×12 strip for your numbers. Using your Silhouette machine, print out the following words on black cardstock: Pop, Fizz, Clink and Cheers (or whatever words suit your occasion).

Glue or Mod Podge the black letters vertically on the glitter cardstock.

Cut out the numbers (in this case, “2016”) on black cardstock (I used font size 300 with Arial Black font). My Silhouette machine is a little older and doesn’t cut glitter cardstock so well, so I used the black letters as templates and traced them onto the back of the glitter cardstock so I could cut them out by hand. I then used the black numbers to create ‘shadows’ on the glitter numbers and glued them together.

I attached the glitter cards to the bottles using double sided tape and the numbers to the glitter sticks using regular old scotch tape.