DIY Easy Kids Poncho

I see ponchos are all over the place right now. I’ve picked up one or two for myself, but haven’t really found any that I like for my daughter.  So, since ponchos are on trend, seasonally appropriate AND a snap to make, I thought this project would be the perfect DIY for the next installment of our ’12 Weeks of Holiday Gifts’. While my pattern is for a girls size (would probably fit a kid between 4 and 6 or 7), it can very easily be adapted to the measurements of anyone on your list.

DIY Poncho
Note: the supplies and directions are for a poncho that would fit a 4-6 year old child. You’ll want to adjust measurements depending on the size of the person you’re making this for. 


1 square 45″x45″ piece of fleece, flannel or other warm fabric
1 8″ x 28″ piece of same fabric
Sewing machine (or needle and thread if you have patience!)
coordinating thread


Fold square piece of fabric in half, and then in half again. You should end up with a 22.5″ square, with four layers. On the corner that represents the middle of the square of fabric, you are going to cut the opening for the neck. Measure a radius of about 4-4 1/2 inches and cut in a rough quarter-circle (so that it will be a full circle in the middle when the fabric is un-folded.

DIY Easy Kids Poncho

Hem all four sides of the poncho with a 1/4-1/2″ hem.

Fold your long rectangular piece in half lengthwise. Sew along the edge of the cut ends.

Pin the neck roll piece to the circle opening of the poncho.

Pins are a little hard to see in the pic … my bad!




How it should look when you flip neck roll up after pinning/sewing

Sew neck roll onto poncho. Remove pins. Done!

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