It started with a scarf at Forever 21. (Yes, I still pop in there every once in a while…don’t judge). I did a double take when I saw it because it had the same look and feel that I wanted in my dining room. Warm, neutral with grey tones….and soft and comfortable.

I’d seen a few pins on Pinterest of dining tables with criss-crossed table runners and I absolutely love the look. I especially liked the idea of using different, but coordinated, textiles to give the table more interest, texture and depth. And so when I saw the giant scarf at Forever 21 for the bargain price of $10, it occurred to me that maybe I could use a scarf as a table linen. Why not?

This best parts of this project? I did it in under 10 minutes, for under $10, and with a curious toddler in tow (see below).

The DIY on this one is stupid simple, to the point where you may wonder why on earth I took the time to write the steps up. But, a key part of any DIY post is the how-to, so here goes.

The flower arrangements are my favorite kind – deconstructed and economical. I’ve talked about my methods before in this post.

DIY Easy Winter Table Runners
Makes two horizontal runners

1 large scart, ideally 40+ inches wide and 80+ inches long

(Yes, that’s it)


Lay your scarf out on the floor and fold it in half lengthwise. Cut along the fold to make two thinner scarves.

On each of the cut edges, pull a few strings to replicate the fringe on the other side of the scarf (this assumes that you purchased a scarf with a fringe).

If your scarf is fringe-less, you could iron a seam or just leave as is, assuming it doesn’t easily fray.

If you need to trim your lengths, do so at this point (and fray as needed).

That’s it! Now get started on that tablescape!