One of my greatest hopes for each of my children is that they embrace every adventure that life has to offer. Growing up into my teenage years I took life so seriously. I was independent, typically a good trait, but as a result, I focused more on work and less on having fun. I want my kids to seek the fun in all that they do and live out their childhood. By trait I’m always anxious for tomorrow and have to challenge myself to slow down, be silly, be young, and seek adventure.

I want the kids playroom to be a place that cultivates imagination, education, and of course, adventure. I’ve made baby steps in my playroom project, first with their tent and then a chalkboard wall. Time permitting, it’ll get there. In an effort to get some noise on the walls, I made this “adventure” sign this weekend. As in my usual handwriting, it has a rustic edge that I love. It ended up being a bit larger than I originally anticipated (I decided to go vertical instead of horizontal last minute), but I love the impact. Again, the playroom is a work in progress, so excuse the bare walls surrounding.

My wood came from an old palette. If you have one you can repurpose, great! If not, I would recommend 1″ x 4″ untreated pine. I also have to brag for a moment that I used my Mikeeta electric sander that the hubs got me for my birthday and it is ah-mazing. (for those of you that are regular beckham + belle readers, you may know that I despise hand-sanding so this is a dream!). Palette wood can sometimes require a bit of extra sanding love that can be accomplished through sand paper or a sanding block, but the electric sander is highly recommended for efficiency.


1 palette, deconstructed, boards cut to approx. 12″ in length OR 12, 1″x4″x12″ boards
6, 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ x 48″ wood lath
Wood stain (I used Minwax, Dark Walnut)
3/4″ wood screws
Electric sander, or sand paper
8″ chipboard letters
Approx. 500 yds. 3/16″ natural jute rope
Hot glue gun
Wood glue
Gorilla glue

Sand each of the board faces to a smooth surface.

Stain each board with two coats of stain, allowing ample drying time in between coats.

Once thoroughly dried, line the boards up, “good” sign down, intentionally off-spaced as I have done if you choose. Using wood glue and the wood lath, create an anchor for the boards. (As I mention above, I originally did not plan for my sign to be quite as long or “tall” in this case as it ended up. I originally planned to have “adventure” read horizontally which would have required fewer boards, hence my somewhat un-uniformed lath placing).

Once the wood glue has dried, apply additional reinforcement with the 3/4″ wood screws. The final result is heavy so the screws are definitely recommended.

A bit backwards, but I went back and sanded the wood a bit around some of the edges after the stain had dried to give it a more authentic, worn-in look.


The letters require a bit of patience. Using a hot glue gun, I glued some rope to the edge of each letter and then tightly wrapped the chipboard with rope, gluing along the edges to prevent the rope from slipping.


Once each of the letters were wrapped, I used Gorilla Glue to adhere them to the wooden sign. Make sure to apply pressure as it dries (I stacked cookbooks on top of the letters while they dried, but spared the photo).


Use drywall anchors for additional support when hanging due to the weight of the sign.



I hung next to their tent (tutorial for the fold-up tent here) and love the result!
Onto the next project…!