Easy, Neat & Tidy DIY Burlap Bedskirt

I’m not the neatest or tidiest person in the world. Not by a long shot. Ask anyone who’s ever lived with me. However, there are a few things that I always seem to fixate on with regards to neatness. One is my bed. If I’m going to make it (and that’s an if), I want my efforts to pay off in the form of a beautifully made, inviting-looking bed. I’ve finally collected the linens and pillows that give me the look I want…but one thing has been holding me back: the bedskirt. No matter what I tried, it was always hanging off the side in a loose and messy way. See Exhibit A.

Easy, Neat & Tidy DIY Burlap Bedskirt
Exhibit A

The problem, you see, is that the bed skirt must be spread evenly and neatly between the mattress and boxspring. My husband is a rough sleeper and tosses and turns like crazy, causing the mattress to sometimes shift on the boxspring. Thus, the bedskirt was always getting all wonky. I figured if I did away with the part of the bedskirt that needed to go between the mattress and the boxspring, and simply attached the skirt around the boxspring, I could fix the issue. So far it seems to be working! Here’s how I did it.

I knew I needed a heavy duty fabric because I did not want to be able to see through it. I also wanted to keep it fairly low cost since I’m so susceptible to changing styles from year to year. I found this grey burlap at the fabric store and bought 4 yards for about $16.

Our bed is fairly high, so I needed a taller bedskirt that is typical. Fortunately, the burlap fabric was wide enough that I could cut it down the middle and get enough for two lengths.


4 yards of fabric of your choice (I have a king size bed, you can adjust this downwards if you have a smaller bed.
Velcro (approximately 5-6 feet)


Sewing machine (you probably could do this with that no-sew Stitch Witchery stuff, but I have a sewing machine that I’m reasonably capable with, so I opted to use it)


Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and cut down the fold.

Iron down 1 inch along the edge.

Sew to make a hem. (Don’t worry about attaching the two pieces together just yet). The hemmed side will actually go at the top of the skirt (to make it easier to attach velcro later). I left the edge at the bottom unfinished, because I like the look of slightly frayed burlap. You could certainly hem that side as well if you prefer a neater look.

I knew I wanted one pleat per side of the bed. I took the first piece of fabric, measured down halfway (for a standard king bed, this was 40″). I created a pleat as pictured below, ironed it down, and then stitched over it a couple of times with the sewing machine to ensure that it held together. I did this for both sides, but not the base of the bed (yet). When finished with this step, you should have two separate pieces of fabric with a pleat in each.


I then took it to the bedroom and wrapped it around the bed to determine where I would need to cut the fabric, make my seam, and create the final pleat. I knew I wanted the seam to be hidden in the pleat so it would look like a continuous piece of fabric.

I marked my cut marks, allowing extra fabric for the pleat. I returned to the sewing machine, first seaming the two pieces of fabric together on my marks. I then created a pleat, the same as the one pictured above. I then sewed 6 inch pieces of velcro every 12 inches or so on the top underside of the bedskirt. (My apologies, I totally forgot to take a picture of this step … tutorial FAIL. I’ll show you the rest of the velcro step below). 

At this point, I was done with the sewing part of the project. I gave the skirt a good ironing since it had gotten wrinkled with all of the back and forth.

To attach the skirt to the boxspring, I cut strips of velcro from a box that I purchased at Amazon (I actually used two boxes for this project). I’ve also had good luck with this stuff, which is less expensive, on other similar projects. Using the pieces already attached to the bedskirt as my guide, I matched the location with the opposite velcro piece and hot glued it to the top edge of the boxspring.

Smooth down all the velcro attachments and you’re done!


Easy, Neat & Tidy DIY Burlap Bedskirt