DIY Custom Drawer Organizers
You may see an uptick in my posts on clutter reduction and organization. To be clear, it’s not because I am any kind of expert on the subject. Quite the contrary … I fight my inner hoarder every day. But after  two kids, the amount of ‘stuff’ in our house has grown to unmanageable levels. I’m systematically going through closets, cupboards, baskets, etc. and throwing out / donating as much as I can bear. And, yes, this has been inspired by this book.

This past weekend, I tackled my underwear drawer. Confession time. There were some interesting finds. I counted at least six pairs of underwear that  were purchased in high school (and have not been worn in at least a decade). Both the style and color screamed late nineties. If I’m being transparent, it’s worth noting that I have moved eleven times since high school, so evidently I’ve taken the time to pack them up eleven times. Embarrassing. I tossed them, after briefly considering donating them to a museum looking for 90s artifacts. I also found about five pairs of perfectly good underwear that still had the tags on. Those stayed.

I then decided that it wasn’t my fault that this drawer converted itself into a black hole (see below).
DIY Custom Drawer Organizers
With everything thrown in there haphazardly, it was impossible for the user (me) to see what they (I) had. I shopped around at Amazon for an underwear solution and went so far as to put this in my cart, but then realized that the size wouldn’t really maximize the storage in my drawers. I needed to find a solution that I could customize.

Frankly, I’m pretty pumped about how these turned out. A tip? Once your drawers are nice and neat, you’ll want to invest in some of these drawer deodorizers to keep things fresh!!

Custom Drawer Organizers

(made 2 organizers for my 13×31 sized drawers…directions will explain  how to make 1)


1 2’x4′ sheet of hardboard or plywood


Table saw and/or miter saw

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

First, measure your drawer. Ours were built specifically for our closet, so I’m thinking that they aren’t a standard size. My drawers were about 13 inches by 31 inches and just under 5 inches deep. . I wanted to allow roughly 4″x4″ storage spaces. I cut the plywood into 4″ strips. For each drawer, I cut two 31″ pieces from the 4″ strips. I then cut 7 13″ lengths from the remaining 4″ strips.

I then marked roughly every 4+ inches along all the boards. This is where my cuts would go, to ensure that I’d end up with roughly 4″ square boxes.

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

Cut about half way down along the lines using a blade thickness equivalent to the thickness of your wood/hardboard. If you have a thinner blade, you may just need to go through the cuts a couple times.
Make the same cuts on your shorter boards.

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

Fit the boards together, matching up the cuts.

DIY Custom Drawer Organizers

Put it in your drawer and get those undies organized!