DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decoration

A couple of months ago, well before the Halloween stuff was on display, I picked up a package of “Spooky Critters” from the toy section at our local dollar store (Dollar Tree). In the package was a few suction cup spider webs, a creepy rat, a big spider and a bat. All for a dollar, of course. This weekend, I was brainstorming a quick Halloween project that I could do with my daughter and thought up these cute table top decorations. They were absurdly easy (and cheap) to put together. Here’s how we did it.

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decorations



3 plastic Halloween themed animals
1 1/4″ dowel rod (roughly 3 feet)
Scrap wood blocks (mine were about 3x2x2 .. just use whatever you have)



Start by drilling holes into the centers of your wood blocks using a 1/4″ drill bit.


Cut your dowel rod into 3 pieces. Mine were roughly 14″, 12″ and 10″. I wanted some variation in height so that they’d look a little more interesting when I set them out. Insert the dowels into the holes that you just drilled. Spray with black paint.


Spray the other side. Once dry, heat up your glue gun and attach the plastic animals to the top of the dowels.
Allow to dry.
Ta da! These DIY Halloween Dollar Store Decorations are an easy and cheap craft to do with the kids!