File this one under “stupid easy”. Every year, I stock up on cobwebs at the Dollar Store, to be used for outdoor decorating purposes. For $1, you get a ball of cobweb and several little black spiders. My daughter wanted to do a Halloween project, and with it pouring rain outside, I needed to come up with something we could do inside. We usually have random sticks kicking around the garage as both kids like to collect them when we go on walks. So, with sticks and cobwebs in hand, we devised a mobile project!


Small branch
Black paint
sparkles, optional
1 package of cobweb/plastic spiders from the dollar store
Fishing line


Start by spray painting your branch. If doing the project with a child, as I was, use washable black paint and let him/her paint the stick with a paintbrush. If using sparkles, sprinkle on while the paint is still wet. Once dry, flip the branch over and repeat paint / sparkle process on the other side.

When both sides are dry, use fishing line to create hanger for mobile.

Stretch cobwebs on outreaching branches.

Stretch the cobweb so that it hangs down about 18 inches. Arrange plastic spiders randomly on web.

Or, if you want to do a green version….