On Valentine’s Day the boys and I made cutout watercolor hearts from coffee filters. Sounds a little weird, yes, but they turned out beautiful. They inspired me to make this watercolor bunting, though it took me quite a few months until I finally made one. I love that I could still recruit the boys to help color the filters (they also love when they get to help with a “project”) to make it a “mommy & me” craft. Another plus, it’s super simple and quick to make! Unfortunately I don’t have any kind of parties planned anytime soon because the bunting would look particularly beautiful streamed outdoors.


Washable Markers
Coffee Filters
First flatten the coffee filters into circles.
Next using markers in the colors of your choosing, draw random scribbles all over the filters (this is where the kids can help!). Because the colors will bleed, its not necessary to cover all of the white space.
Once the filters are colored, drip a bit of water over each.
The water will naturally begin to make the ink bleed, creating a watercolor effect.
Hang the filters to dry.
Once thoroughly dried, cut the top edges and the sides off the stack of filters to create a point as pictured.
Wrap and glue each piece of bunting around string.
How easy is that?!