I typically rely on stencils when I do crafts (as I do in this little project as well!), but when I need multiple impressions or want to involve little hands (i.e. Beckham), stamps are the way to go. The only issue with stamps is that they can run $10+ a piece depending on the size and specific shape or content I’m looking for. Not only are these DIY stamps inexpensive (especially if you happen to have the supplies on hand!), but they’re super easy to make.
Wood blocks or scraps
Sand paper
Stencials (I made mine using my silhouette cameo!)
Gorilla Glue (or an all-purpose glue)
Craft foam
I happened to have some scrap blocks of wood laying around (my hubs may say I hoard wood and pipe scraps, but you never know when an idea will come to mind where you might need these!). Most craft stores also sell inexpensive blocks of wood in assorted sizes.
I sanded down the wood blocks until the sides and edges were smooth – especially important if they’re going to be used by little hands!
Using my Silouette Cameo machine (highly recommended for those of you who don’t own one!), I printed a few cutouts to act as stencils (flamingo and popsicle pictured below!). You could just as easily print out any image from the Internet, cut it out, and use those as your image to trace.


I traced the shapes onto some craft foam, and then cut the shapes out with scissors.

Using Gorilla Glue, I glued the foam shape to the center of the wooden block.
And voila! Customized, reusable stamps! How cute are these?!