It has been a week! This back to school routine is taking a toll on us. With early wake up calls, jam-packed days, and rushed evenings, we’re pretty much collapsing into bed around 9:30.

Usually we’ll wait till Friday to treat ourselves to a cocktail. This week we made it to … Wednesday. Eeek.

I have to give my husband full credit for this cocktail. He has gotten very crafty with his bartending lately and I have been the lucky (and buzzed) beneficiary. He’d come across a cocktail he wanted to make called ‘Indian Summer’ (apropos), but found that we didn’t have all the ingredients. So he improvised and came up with this beauty. It actually uses Welch’s concord grape juice (which we have, because we have kids), but don’t let that scare you – the taste of the cocktail is more complex and sophisticated than you’d expect. Here’s how he made it.

Back-to-School Gin and [Grape] Juice

Makes two cocktails


3 oz. Gin
1 oz. St Germain (yes, we’re obsessed)
4 oz. Concord grape juice
1 oz. Lemon juice
Lemon wedge, for garnish


Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Fill with ice. Shake vigorously and pour into lowball glasses. Garnish with a lemon wedges. Cheers!!