When we first moved into our house two years ago, several of my home purchases were intended to get us by just for a couple of years, while I took my time figuring out what style made sense for our new place. Curtains are a great example. I bought neutral IKEA curtains for several rooms in the house, anticipating that I’d replace them when I found a better style. What I’ve realized is that I don’t actually have to replace these curtains … I just need to enhance them (see here and here).

I came across these Anthropologie curtains a couple months ago. Loved them, but, as usual, didn’t want to spend $138/panel. Plus the colors weren’t quite right for my space. In the fabric/trim section of my local craft store, I came across this awesome jute trim (similar available here and here). It’s perfect because it ties really well with a lot of the other natural elements I have in my house.  I selected a coordinating ribbon for $2, grabbed my trusty glue gun and I was ready to go!

Anthro Inspired Jute Tassel Trim Curtains
Anthro Inspired Jute Tassel Trim Curtains


Anthro-Inspired Jute Tassel Trim Curtains

Supplies (per panel)

1 neutral curtain panel (I used IKEA’s LENDA curtains which come two to a pack, but these would work if you need them quicker and don’t want to pay Ikea for shipping)
3 yards of jute tassel trim
1 3-yard spool of coordinating ribbon
glue gun (I like this one)
glue sticks


Lay your curtain panel out in an open area. Start with the tassel trim. Using a glue gun (or you could sew it, if you’re into that kind of thing…), glue a few inches of the trim at a time. When you get to the end, cut trim cleanly and use extra glue to prevent fraying.


Next, move to the ribbon. Fold it over the edge so that the face of the curtain has a clean edge. Glue the back down.

Again, use hot glue gun to glue ribbon on top of trim, doing a few inches at a time.
That’s it! Hang and be proud of yourself for saving 80%
Anthro Inspired Jute Tassel Trim Curtains