It’s not uncommon for me to mix store-bought blooms with flowers from my own garden. It’s a nice way to stretch my flower budget (discussed in Part 1). But I was curious to see if I could create a bouquet for free, if I could build a bouquet entirely with flowers from my own garden…

This was a considerable challenge since we have had a massive deer problem this year. And the breed of deer we have must be different from the ones the garden centers are talking about when they say “deer resistant”. We must have like GMO deer or something. If any of you have some tried and true methods to deter the deer, I am all ears!!

But I digress.

I walked around and perused the limited, nibbled and picked-over offerings of my garden. The all-star flowers of the garden are my limelight hydrangeas which came out a little more white than lime this year. I picked a couple large hydrangea blooms. I really love greenery in bouquets – different colors and textures. So I grabbed a few different greens. I really love my ligustrum plants, and often keep ligustrum stems in vases around the house. I also cut a few stems of my loropetalum, which is a purple shade and has more delicate leaves than the ligustrum. For height, I cut a few blades off of our pampas grass plants. For some pop of color, I plucked a couple stems of yellow lantana (incidentally, the ONLY plant the deer steer clear of). For my last selection, I wanted something trailing … and so ivy was the obvious choice.

To build the bouquet, I started with my focal point: the hydrangeas.

I then added in the leafy stems (ligustrum and loropetalums). Love, love, love that purple hue. 

The lantana added the random pops of color. 

The pampas grass blades gave it some height and levity.

And finally I added in the ivy for the trailing effect.

Now, I do realize that the odds of you having the exact same varieties in your garden are low, however, I sincerely hope that this post will inspire you to look at what you have on hand. You can harvest your gardens, mix colors, textures and heights to create beautiful and economical floral arrangements.  Who doesn’t love flowers??