Happy Friday and happy (almost) 4th of July! Hopefully you’re enjoying a day off of work with family and friends in celebration of our great country. And on top of our freedom to celebrate, who doesn’t love a long weekend?!

For today’s Friday libation I tried something I’ve admittedly never attempted before, a layered drink. I started small with a shooter (though regardless of size, it did take several attempts and combinations before I finally achieved the layered look I was going for AND a drink that tasted delicious). Turns out creating a layered drink is like science… And I hate science. But don’t worry, I did all the dirty work for you. Getting a layered affect in a drink is all about density as it relates to sugar content. The more sugar, the denser or “heavier” the drink. Again, I hate science nor am I a science wizard, so forgive my terminology or lack thereof. The key in my opinion to keeping the layers clean is to use a small spoon or straw to assist in your pouring. If using a spoon, turn it upside down with the tip just above the previous liquid layer, and pour the liquid slowly over the back of the spoon. This will help to not interupt previously poured layers and muddy colors.
As with any shot, I recommend choosing a good quality liquor… And my favorite part of these little shooters is the pineapple star chaser, optional of course but how cute?! Make a tray of these little guys ahead of time and chill until party time.
4th of July Piña Colada Shooters
Makes one shooter


1/2 Tablespoon grenadine
1 Tablespoon piña colada mix
2 Tablespoons blue G2 Gatorade
2 Tablespoons white rum
Pineapple star cutout, optional
In a double sized shot glass, pour the grenadine directly in the middle of the glass. Pour the piña colada mix very slowly down the back of a spoon. Next, again using the spoon, slowly add the Gatorade. Top with rum. Add pineapple to the edge of the glass.
Drink. Repeat. (But not too many times!)
Cheers to the 4th of July!