At the risk of seeming like a one-trick pony, I bring you another IKEA RIBBA mat hack (you may remember the tutorial on the painted mats that we featured not too long ago). I’ve been wanting to create a more textured look with the RIBBA frames in our mudroom hallway for a while. Burlap was the natural choice, as it ties in well with the rest of the decor I have going on. I found the 12×12 burlap “sheets” in the paper/scrapbooking section of my craft store.
I should note that I also painted the RIBBA frames a flat grey color. Since I have a set of 12 black RIBBA frames in our great room, I figured I should change up the look a little bit for the mudroom. I’ll get up a separate tutorial on the method I used to paint the frames.
Supplies (per frame)
1 RIBBA frame
1/2 of a 12×12 sheet of burlap ($1-2). You could also use burlap fabric. The sheets were nice because they had more rigidity to them, making them easier to cut.
Cut four 1.5-inch strips from the burlap sheet. I used my Fiskars paper cutter, which has turned out to be a great investment for me. I seriously use it all the time. You could certainly do this step with a straight edge and scissors or a rotary cutter instead.
Next comes the (somewhat) tricky part. Flip the photo mat over and create a square with the four strips, making sure that about 3/4 of an inch (or more, if you prefer) shows when you flip the mat over to the right side.  When you get it right (it may take a few tries), tape it down. As you can see, I used gold washi tape. I did this for no good reason, other than that it was there and I was too lazy to look for other tape. I’m thinking scotch tape would work just fine for this step. I also thought about using glue, but I like the idea of potentially changing out the mat lining as my decor changes.


When you’re satisfied with the placement, put the mat back into the frame. I actually decided that I liked the look of the frames/mats without the glass. Seemed to jive better with the natural look of the burlap. Plus, it made it easier to take the pictures (no glare!)


I ended up doing four frames total and lined them on the wall in the mud hall.