It never occurred to me to make a tea towel from scratch. They’re always abundantly available and relatively cheap. But then I came across one I really liked at Anthropologie. Made with linen and lace,  I fell in love with it immediately. Relative to the other home items available at Anthro, the price wasn’t totally obscene ($25-30), but I am who I am and there’s no way I could justify spending that much on a glorified rag (that my kids would likely destroy). I just had to DIY it.
At our local craft store, I came across some nice natural linen/cotton fabric. I think it cost $5 or $6 for the yard and a half that I bought (you can make about 3 tea towels with that much!). I found a nice wide lace ribbon I liked at the same store…pretty and kind of old-fashioned. I made three of these towels for about $8.
Materials (Makes 3 towels)
1.5 yards of natural linen cotton fabric
1 3 yard roll of lace ribbon of your choice
white thread
First, prewash your fabric. Next, you’ll cut the fabric for your towels. I did a bit of research to see what a ‘standard’ size is (19×27 in case you were wondering), but ultimately just used an existing tea towel as a template, allowing an extra inch and half around the sides for a hem.

I ironed down the edges once and then folded them over once again to make a nice hem. I used this tutorial, which I highly recommend, to create the hem.


I then sewed my hem using my sewing machine. You could certainly do this step by hand (really wouldn’t be that bad), but certainly a sewing machine makes it quicker.

After the hem is complete, attach the lace ribbon. After conferring with Steph, we decided on two strips of lace per towel would look best. While I briefly considered using a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon (as I am notorious for doing), I decided stitching the lace would be the best bet, given that tea towels get washed pretty frequently.

Keep them all or give some away! I think these would make really great hostess gifts, either on their own or in a basket with other kitchen items.