Ever since we put a pool in our backyard, any summer day feels like a good day for a fruity cocktail (or two…). Unfortunately, the +3 pounds on the scale (resulting from the aforementioned fruity drinks) is putting a damper on pool season . So I started experimenting this weekend, trying to figure out how much I could scale back while still not denying myself a tasty cocktail (cause I’m certainly not going to cut out drinking entirely!). This is only slightly sweet, and the cocktail is ‘stretched’ by the club soda. Think of it as the cocktail equivalent of the wine spritzer. Cheers! 
3 slices of cucumber
1 sprig of mint
1 oz. lime juice
1 oz.  simple syrup (you could use a low-calorie sweetener to reduce calories further if you really want to)
1-2 oz. gin, depending on taste and waistline (I like Hendrick’s)
6 oz/ club soda
Muddle the cucumber and mint in the simple syrup and lime juice. Add the gin and shake vigorously. Pour the club soda over ice into a glass. Strain cocktail over top and stir gently.