I am in love with the new Make Market line at Michaels. I’m easily inspired by the decor and products. I picked up several circular corkboards at less than $1 a piece… There’s so much you can do with cork but the circular shape sparked the idea to make Sports-Themed Corkboards for the boys playroom. Wanting to steer clear of traditional picture frames (considering there are often balls and other toys flying through the air), I thought pinning pictures to corkboards would be the perfect way to make their space a little more personalized without risking anything getting broken.


Circular Corkboards (I purchased mine from Michaels)
Acrylic Paint (Be sure to use a good quality paint for good coverage as cork is very porous)
Paintbrush, large and small
Pentagon Stencil
Paper plate or circular object (for line guidance)

First, give each board 2-3 coats of paint until good coverage is achieved.
Baseball: Using a circular object like a paper plate, paint a line of small dashes to form a curve.
Remove the plate and mirror the dashes on the alternate side to form “stitches”. Repeat on the opposing side.
Basketball: Again use a circular object to guide your lines.
Freehand the curves in ball to create a sphere appearance.
Soccerball: Using a pentagon shaped stencil (I used my Silhouette Cameo here), stencil on a few black pentagons on the surface.
Dip an edge of the stencil or piece of paper in the black paint to create the lines connecting the pentagons.


Once thoroughly dried, hang on a wall using command strips (I prefer this means of hanging to keep the backs flush with the wall). I hung mine on our newly painted chalkboard wall in the playroom.
Pin pictures, medals, etc. to your boards to personalize them. I used my husband’s high school varsity jacket pins (clearly hubs was a jock in high school). They worked perfectly and I love being able to recycle these. (In case you’re wondering, I got cut from every sport I ever tried out for… hence why I ran track; you can’t get cut from the track team… Fun little personal tidbit for you… And yes, I’m still bitter).

*Beckham + Belle is in no way affiliated with Michaels. Loving the store & products is a personal opinion 😉