DIY Father's Day Slate Coasters  "Gentleman's Drink"
Father’s Day isn’t about giving ties or tools anymore. Dad doesn’t need a reminder of his responsibilities outside of being a parent, i.e. his job, fixing up the house, etc. Besides, who still wears a tie to work these day anyhow? What Dad really wants is what his belly wants… Isn’t that the way to a man’s heart? For the dad’s in my life (dad & hubs), what they often reach for when they need to escape the nuances of their responsibilities is a good meal or a good drink (or both). There are all kinds of gadgets and subscription services (think Birchbox Man or The Mantry) that you could get for the dad’s in your life, but what better way to show a dad how much you care with a hand-crafted gift that they’ll love and be able to use again and again? My gift started with this set of (mostly) handmade coasters. I say mostly because the blank slate coasters were purchased ($8 from Homegoods). You can find a very similar set on Amazon for about the same price.
I used my coveted Silhouette machine (thank you, Ashleigh!) to create stencils for my coasters. I purchased the mustache collection from the Silouette Design Store. I chose the coasters for hubs to say “Gentleman’s Drink”. My husband coined the phrase on his bachelor party saying that each of his drinks were “gentleman’s drinks”. (Bachelor party went down in Vegas so “gentleman’s drinks” is about all I got from the trip recap). The stencils were printed on vinyl.
I wiped each of the coasters down with rubbing alcohol to remove any dust or dirt so the stencils and ultimately, the ink, would stay put. I placed the stencils on the coasters accordingly, using a hard edged item to apply pressure so the ink would be less likely to seep.
I used a bronze, metallic Sharpie to color in the stencils.
Slate is porous so after removing the stencils, it’s possible that some of the color may have snuck under the vinyl. My first attempt appeared quite fuzzy after I removed the stencil. I discovered a trick to clean this up!…
Get back out that rubbing alcohol that you originally used the clean the slates and dap some on a clean cloth. Rub it over the area that needs to be cleaned up. You don’t need to be particularly gentle; it won’t rub off your actual letters.
Below is the coaster after cleaning it up with the rubbing alcohol. (I was pretty proud of myself for this discovery).
Of course you can choose to stencil on another phrase or another image, but what a great, easy gift that you can customize for Dad to use time and time again each time he reaches for a drink!?
I found a serving tray (also from Homegoods) and filled it up with some essentials for a delicious Moscow Mule: copper mugs, a Mason jar shaker, vodka, limes (ginger beer is in the fridge!), and of course, the handmade drink coasters.
Cheers to Dad!