Simple Sketch Art
This Simple Sketch Art came about from my endless quest to fill wall space and shelves in my house, I am constantly looking for inspiration online (Pinterest, Craftgawker, whatever!). I’m finding myself more and more drawn to pencil drawings / sketches. I just love their simplicity and the variety and interest that they add to any vignette. Unfortunately, for me, I’ve always been awful at drawing. So, I did what any self-respecting DIYer would do: googled “learn how to draw”.

There were several tutorials online, all showing the various steps on how to start and finish a drawing.  I started practicing…. but then paused. Maybe it was laziness, or maybe it was a resurgence of my tendency to not finish things, but I found that I actually liked my unfinished drawing. The simple, initial sketch that only gave a rudimentary shape to my my subject. It just looked cool. So I stopped there … roughly three minutes into my drawing lesson.  I’m sure eventually I’ll learn to draw properly, but I’ve gotta say,  I’m pretty happy with this first attempt!

My Simple Sketch Art drawing is a horse (in case you couldn’t tell!). I chose that because that’s what my lesson was focused on, but this can certainly be adapted to any subject quite easily.

Simple Sketch Art Supplies

1 8.5×11″ white card stock paper
Black sharpie
Simple Sketch Art Steps

Simple Sketch Art Directions

Using the pencil, you’ll want to draw the two circles that make up the front and hind of the horse. Add a couple of semi-circles to roughly frame out the horse’s face.
Then draw lines to connect the face with the body. Draw lines for the ears.
Draw stick legs with some bend in the for the front legs.
Draw legs with the opposite bend for the hind legs.
If a bolder look is desired, trace over the pencil with black sharpie marker once drawing is complete.
Done and done.
I can’t wait to take another run at my simple sketch art with another subject. Any suggestions??