bring your hydrangeas back to life!
Doing a post on flowers is a little out of the norm for me as that is Ashleigh’s forte, but this week I successfully revived what I thought were “dead” hydrangeas. Thus, I have to share…

There’s no question that fresh hydrangeas are gorgeous. We live close to a neighborhood where absurdly large brick houses are perfectly landscaped with bountiful hydrangea bushes. A sea of tiny petals up against rustic brick is perfection. Unfortunately my personal experience with hydrangeas isn’t such a positive one. I decided to make my own wedding cake (not recommended), and in a dire attempt to find white flowers to top it, I picked up hydrangeas. Needless to say the cake rejected the hydrangeas and I advised my photographer to not take any pictures of the cake so I don’t ever have to see it again.

My husband gives the most beautiful flower arrangements. He takes pride in going to the florist and hand-selects each flower that is put into the arrangement. For Mother’s Day, he gave me these beauties…
How to Revive Hydrangeas
Unfortunately the hydrangeas started to wilt on day two. I pulled them from the arrangement and before I threw them out I remembered once hearing that if you put the stems in boiling water, the wilted flowers would be revived. Seemed unlikely, but I figured I’d give it a try. While I microwaved a mug of water to boiling, I cut an inch off of the ends of the stems and prepared another vase (or jar in this case) with fresh, room temperature water. I plunged the stems in the boiling water for approximately thirty seconds then immediately immersed them into the prepared fresh water.

The time it takes for the flowers to “come back to life” may vary…

Overnight, mine went from this:

How to Revive Hydrangeas

to this:

How to Revive Hydrangeas

Kind of like magic, right?
– Stephanie