I have to brag on the weather for a minute. If you live in Ohio, you know the struggle. Snow one day, sun and heat the next. It’s almost as if Ohio knows no seasons because it snows in March and it’s 80 degrees in October. But this weekend’s May weather is perfection. Seventies and sunshine, and I’m in heaven. It’s amazing what a little sunshine does for the moods in this household (mainly mine). I sanded and stained some boards outside while the baby slept, and the boys played baseball. It was dare I say, a perfect day. 

The sunshine and some tunes inspired some sweet words for a little bedroom wall decor. My latest obsession are paint markers. They are so fun to write with and are perfect for writing on wood. I prepared some 11×14 pine boards for staining with a chisel and a sanding block (you can refer to my previous post on how to distress wood for some tips on how to prep boards for staining and give wood a little more interest). I gave the boards two coats of dark walnut, my new favorite color of stain and painted the quotes with a Liquitex paint marker. These would make a perfect anniversary gift… or an I’m-in-a-good-mood-and-you-are-the-beneficiary gift. 😉

Because your spouse should be your favorite human. 

Quote courtesy of Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud”. Currently on repeat. 

“Love Who You Love” by our favorite Mr. John Mayer.