DiY Studded Curtain Tie-Backs


It’s been a while since we’ve done a $5/30 minute project post. I personally LOVE these cheap and quick projects…. you get that do-it-yourself satisfaction without having to sacrifice your whole day or wallet. A good option when your next free day is weeks or months away.

In previous posts, I’ve mentioned my frequent utilization of IKEA curtain panels. I definitely tend to gravitate toward neutral, solid curtain panels. Probably because I’m not yet confident enough to start mixing too many patterns in my designs. IKEA is a fantastic source for economical curtain options. I think they are actually pretty decent quality as well (cannot say the same for all IKEA products, however).  I’ve used their LENDA panels in a couple of rooms in my house. They come with matching tie-backs that I sometimes use and sometimes go without. Since I go so netural (borderline plain) on my curtains, I thought the tie-backs might be a good place to insert some personality in my window treatments.

I picked up this nailhead-inspired trim at the craft shop. On sale for 50% off, I paid $1.50 for 3 yards, which was more than I needed for this project. (Side note: does anyone understand craft store sales? I feel like there must be some pattern to how they decide what to put on sale … but haven’t figured it out yet)



This project could be done pretty easily even if you didn’t already have the tie-backs. Just measure out two eighteen by three or four inch pieces of coordinating fabric, iron under the edges and sew together. Even making your own fabric tie backs would still likely keep the price-tag on this project under the $5 threshold.

Iron out your tie-backs. (Note that mine do not look ironed out at all. Fail). Measure out your nailhead trim to allow about 3-4 inches un-trimmed on either end.  You’ll need two pieces of nailhead trim for each tie-back.

Using a hot glue gun, slowly start gluing down the trim, doing about 2 inches at a time. Repeat on the other edge.


Allow to set for ten minutes, and then tie those curtains up!
DIY Studded Curtain Tie-Backs