I think the expectation is that, after Easter, you take your Easter decorations down. Seems to be the same after Christmas, which is all fine and good but it leaves my house feeling so … blah. Fortunately, there’s always something to celebrate – I figure this Spring Moss Banner will see me through June, when the season changes again. 
I really love using moss sheets from the craft store – I’ve used it in plenty of botanical arrangements but never with paper crafts. Along with the corrugated cardboard, the moss gives a fresh and organic look to the banner. I really love it!
Here’s what you need (although this DIY is totally improvise-able). Ignore the moss in the middle – I didn’t end up using that kind. 
I cut out the white doily patterns and the SPRING letters on my Silhouette machine. The corrugated paper didn’t need much done to it (already small squares), so I just rounded off the edges with a paper punch that I have. 
I flipped the moss sheet over so I could trace my circle shape on the back. Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but make sure your moss circle is a bit larger than your letters that you’re using (I may or may not have made that mistake..)

Cut the moss sheets out and you’re ready to assemble! Glue your layers on and let set for 20 minutes (+/-).
I punched two holes in each of the top corners of each piece of the banner. I then strung raffia through the banner, just use whatever you have on hand!
Hang in a bright and sunny spot and enjoy the season! Summer will be here before you know it.