Considering my baby girl, McLaren, is now three weeks old, I figured it was about time I started on her nursery… talk about procrastination. I’ve gone back and forth on how I want to decorate the nursery and finally decided to keep it neutral as I did with both boys. I was never a girly-girl so while I want the nursery to be soft and sweet, I don’t want it to scream “girl.”

Considering the nursery mobile is the only progress I’ve made on the nursery, I thought I’d share my projects and nursery finds along the way and hopefully will have a nursery reveal to share before summer. She’ll be sleeping in mom and dad’s bedroom until at least then anyhow so she won’t know the difference.

While I decided to keep the nursery somewhat neutral, I want it to have hits of gold and potentially a hint of coral (to be decided). I call McLaren our “little dreamer girl” because it seems that she is constantly in a dreaming state, eyes fluttering and those sweet little lips smiling… thus inspiring my “little dreamer girl” nursery theme. My first project, the nursery mobile, speaks to the theme with a plush, dreamy cloud and dangling gold stars.


A yard of white fleece fabric
Six paper mache stars
Gold spray paint
Gold cording
White thread
Clear fishing line

Sewing needle
Glue gun

How To:

The first steps are similar to those in making a pillow. With the white fabric folded in half, cut out an oval shape. Stitch the two pieces together along the edges leaving approximately six inches open for stuffing. This can be done by hand or with a sewing machine.

Cut six pieces of gold cord ranging in lengths from six inches to ten inches. You want these to vary in lengths so the stars hang at different lengths (length can also be adjusted later; just cut on the longer end at this stage). Take a piece of cording and insert through the six inch opening in the fabric. Randomly stick the cording through one piece of fabric and tie a knot to secure each. (Depending on the width of cording, you may need to use a tool to create a small hole to allow the cording to poke through.)

Turn the “pillowcase” inside out so the knots and stitching are now on the interior. Stuff the pillowcase with batting leaving some give to allow for dimpling in the cloud later. Once stuffed, stitch the cloud shut as you would a pillow with barely there stitches.

To create dimples in your cloud, take a needle and thread and starting on the side without the cording, poke through the cloud completely. Create a stitch and push the needle and thread back through the other side. You should now have both ends of thread on the original side (without cording – this will be the top of the cloud). Gently pull the two sides of the cloud together until a dimple is created and knot the thread to hold. 

Dimples should appear as the below photo.

Continue to create desired number of dimples on the face of the cloud. (Finished project has five dimples).

Next you’ll want to pull your cloud in a couple of places to continue to achieve a “fluffy” cloud appearance. Using the same process as the dimples created above, start your needle and thread on one edge of the cloud (where your edge stitching should be). Poke through the fabric at an angle to an alternate side of the cloud, pulling back through and knotting as before.

The side dimples will give the below outcome. Repeat until desired visual is achieved. The cloud is now complete.

Spray paint paper mache stars gold and allow to dry. (This step can also be done earlier).

Poke a hole in a point of each star, just wide enough for the gold cording to slip through. (My purchased paper mache stars came looped with gold thread as would an ornament. I simply pulled the thread out and increased the size of the hole where the thread was originally).

After making sure your gold cording is at the desired length, put a ball of hot glue over the hole just created in the star. While the glue is still hot, insert the end of gold cording through the glue and hole just enough to allow the glue to hold. Apply extra glue on the exterior if needed.

Finally, tie three to four strands of fishing line on alternating ends of the top of cloud for hanging.

 Sweet dreams little one!

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