These Flower Swizzle Sticks will be the perfect addition to your spring soiree.

What You’ll Need:

Bamboo skewer sticks
Green food dye
Assorted card stock
Assorted tissue paper
Hot glue gun

What To Do:

Start with bamboo skewer sticks. Cut off the pointy part and cut the remaining stick into two equal sized pieces. For my project, I wanted about 8 swizzle sticks, so I used 4 skewer sticks.

Since I intended for the sticks to represent the flower stem, I wanted them to be green. I briefly considered painting them, but quickly realized that my guests would be putting these sticks in their drinks and that seemed borderline dangerous and definitely gross. I researched online how to dye skewer sticks with food dye, and, sure enough, there were several tutorials.

I placed my eight sticks in a shallow dish.

I heated up 1/2 cup of water in the microwave and then added 15 or so drops of green food dye to the hot water and then poured it on top of the sticks. I let it sit overnight, and then moved on to part 2 of the project in the AM.

In the morning, drain the dyed sticks on a paper towel while you start working on the flowers. The beauty of this project is that it’s one that you can start, pause, and re-start easily throughout the day, perfect for those of us with kids/jobs/distractions that limit our ability to focus 100% on a project. 
For my flowers, I used my Silhouette machine, although you could certainly cut out your own flowers using a stencil quite easily. I curled the petals using a skewer (just because it was handy … you could use anything … a pencil, a knitting needle, whatever you have). 

Then I layered the curled flower petals on top of each other, gluing each layer with the hot glue gun. 
For the flower center, I twisted and coiled some tissue paper and glued it to the center. For leaves, I actually tried two methods – one using green card stock, and the other using green tissue paper. I preferred the tissue paper. I cut the tissue paper into leaf-like shapes, pinched them at the base and glued them to the back of the flower.  Then, I glued the stick to the back of the flower and let them set for about 30 minutes.
It was such a nice day today that I decided to try out my swizzle stick with a new bubbly pink cocktail (to be detailed on a future blog post). 
These would be great for a shower, a brunch, a girls night out – any event including cute drinks!