DIY Round Chalkboard Sign

If you’ve gotten to know Ashleigh and me at all, you know by now that we both appreciate an inexpensive and quick project. Having multiple children causes you to start taking shortcuts where possible without sacrificing aesthetic. These days, it’s a miracle if I have my morning coffee down before noon. With six kids, my mom often reminds me that she had to adapt to drinking her coffee cold. Bless her for that, but I can’t go there. I’ll reheat it five times (which I often do) before I drink a hot coffee gone cold. Luckily, this project only takes a few minutes of your undivided attention so you can DIY and drink your coffee hot too.

I hate sanding. There’s something about the heat that the friction causes beneath my fingers that I can’t stand. I typically use a sanding block to avoid that feeling, but I still just really hate it. Of course when I found these precut, presanded wooden rounds, I was delighted. I bought several of them not knowing what kind of project they would lead to at the time, but I knew I could use them for something. I imagine they’re actually intended to be used for bar stools, but what’s the fun in using something as intended?
diy round chalkboard
Wooden Rounds (I found mine at Menards)
Jute Rope
Paint Primer
Chalkboard Paint
Paintbrush or Roller
I first drilled two 1/4″ holes in each round, 3/4″ from the edge to the circle. These will be where the rope will be inserted for hanging.
Next, the rounds need to painted with a coat of primer. I used leftover paint that was a primer and paint in one as it would work just as well and I didn’t have plain old primer on hand.


Once dry, apply two coats of chalkboard paint, allowing the first to dry before applying the second.
For the rope, I first tightly wrapped the rope with tape before cutting. This step isn’t necessary but it makes inserting the rope into the holes so easy as it will keep the rope from fraying and condense the fibers to more easily insert as well.


Cut the rope where the tape was applied. You can see in the below photo, this creates a nice, tight tip.

Insert the rope through each hole through the back of the boards. Tie a knot to secure the rope and snip of the excess rope and tape.


Before writing on your boards, first season the boards. To do this, cover the entire surface with chalk as shown below. Wipe off the chalk and your board is ready for writing. Doing this prevents your writing from showing through when you go to erase for the first time.


Chalk and hang. How easy is that!?