Yesterday I tackled the grocery store with all three kiddos in tow. I’m sure I looked insane with a six week old in a baby bjorn, a two year old in the front of the cart, and a three year old who was slowly getting buried in a mound of groceries. After an hour and a half and several bribes including chocolate, juice boxes, and matchbox cars (yes, bribery is one of my go-to parenting tactics when out in public, don’t judge), we escaped the grocery store and I felt like supermom. By 8p.m. I was defeated and my husband took the kids so I could crash early. Pretty sure a supermom would be able to put her kids to bed before herself. Fail. Regardless, I was able to sneak in a little DIY after the grocery store while my coffee was still pumping through my veins.

My wire name art was inspired by this Anthropologie Wire Script Sculpture. I have to say I am completely crushing on almost all things Anthro right now, but their House and Home products never fail to lure me in. While I love the “goodnight” Anthropologie sculpture, I was still needing to incorporate McLaren’s name or initials into her room (an essential part of a nursery, right?). I had block letters in the nursery for both of the boys, but I wanted something more delicate for the little lady’s room. The wire sculpture was perfect, but of course I had to do it myself.

This Wire Name Wall Decor could not be simpler and will look lovely against a soft grey wall. (And no, the walls still have not been painted…).

To give myself some guidance for shaping the wire, I wrote McLaren’s name on a poster board. Using gold, 12-gauge wire found in the floral department at Jo-Ann Fabrics (or you can order on Amazon), I shaped the wire to my handwriting using my thumb to smooth the wire accordingly.

Once I got the general shape down, I went back with some pliers to apply a little more pressure where I wanted more prominent bends in the script. I also pressed the wire as flat as possible to a table to avoid any shadows once hung. I cut the ends with wire cutters and was done!
Couldn’t be simpler right?