Yes, I know that bubble teas did not originate from Ireland. But my bubble tea experiment with Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey worked so well that it seemed only right to declare it Irish. The liquor shows up in two distinct ways in this drink, one quite unexpected if I do say so myself.

It crossed my mind to add green food coloring to really drive home the St Paddy’s Day holiday but decided against it because less is more, plus drinking green food dye seemed…..gross. So it’s brown, not green, but the flavors absolutely scream HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY, I promise!

Boozy Irish Bubble Tea
Serves 2

For the drink:
4 oz. cooled, strong brew coffee
3 oz. half and half
3 oz. Bailey’s

2 oz. simple syrup (or more, to taste)

For the tapioca pearls:
3 Tbsp of a cup of prepared black tapioca pearls (prepared according to package directions*)
3-4 oz of Irish whiskey (enough to soak tapioca pearls)

*alternatively, you could go to the neighborhood bubble tea shop and ask for a small container of their prepared tapioca pearls..probably would cost $1 or so)

Two to four hours before you plan to serve the drink, soak the prepared black tapioca pearls in the whiskey.

When you are ready to serve your drink, combine the coffee, cream, Bailey’s and simple syrup in a blender. Add enough ice for drink to reach desired consistency.
Drain the liquor-soaked tapioca pearls and divide between two glasses. Pour beverage over top and serve.