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The amount of time I have when I’m (a) not working my day job and (b) not supervising my children is extremely limited. I’m sure many of you can relate. Love my kids to the moon and back, but sometimes it feels like it’s impossible to get ANYTHING done around here. Nothing takes the fun out of a project like the bored child that sabotages your project, or the guilt that comes along with not spending time with your child. The solution, for me, is to create a similar, but child-safe, project, using similar supplies/techniques, for my kids to work on while I tackle my own project.

So when I wanted to paint a few items that I had found for our playroom re-do, I knew I’d have to find a way to keep her busy.  With an extra canvas on hand, and Easter around the corner, I decided to create a DIY just for her … Easter Bunny Splatter Art. My husband’s comment was that it looked like the Easter Bunny threw up all over the canvas, but my daughter was thrilled to bits with the finished product, and that’s all that matters!

Easter Splatter Art Supplies

1 small canvas 
Assorted kids paints (we used Crayola … using a washable kids paint is HIGHLY recommended)
Bunny print out
2 pom poms


First, my daughter and I googled “bunny silhouette” and found an image that we both liked. I printed it and cut it out and taped it to the canvas with painters tape. If you have an electronic cutting machine, you could certainly print out the bunnies with the vinyl sticky paper. 

We mixed four different pastel colors in disposable cups – pink, yellow, green and blue – and then headed outside where we were safe to make a mess. 

We dipped various sized paintbrushes into the paint and then, using one color at a time,  basically just flung it at the canvas! That’s it!

After letting it dry for a couple of hours, we carefully removed the bunny shape and admired our handy-work. You could see the bunny shapes, for sure, but we added eyes, noses, whiskers and pom pom tails for fun.