My itch to DIY with burlap and bunnies continues from my Burlap Bunny Garlands with these Easter Table DIYs: Burlap Bunny Straw Toppers & Bunny Ear Napkin Rings.
These bunny straw toppers are so much fun and easy to make. They also slide on and off the straws so you can save and reuse them next year (assuming they don’t get dunked in a beverage).
To make the toppers, sketch a bunny silo on some burlap backed with light cardboard (sold as scrapbook paper at your craft store). Each topper will require two silos (front & back) so trace and cut out accordingly. 
Next, using a glue gun, glue together the ears so your straw can slip through the middle.
Glue down both sides of the bunny, careful not to glue to the straw if you want these to be removable. 
Finally, for the tails, pull off a bit of cotton from some Q-tips and roll into a tiny ball to glue onto the bottoms of your bunnies. 
Fun tip: For the kids, serve chocolate milk in a sprinkle rimmed glass finished with your bunny straws!
Onto the napkins rings… These are just as simple and equally as cute as the bunny straw toppers. 
Again using burlap backed with light cardboard (I love this stuff!), cut a 6″ x 3/4″ stripe for each napkin ring. 
Wrap into a ring and glue down overlapping ends.

Next sketch a bulb-like shape on the burlap. You want excess at the bottom to be able to fold and glue under the ring. 
Cutout similar shapes into felt and glue on top of your burlap. Slightly wrinkle your ears to give them some dimension. Bend forward the excess at the bottom and glue to the interior of your rings.

How cute?!
Slip onto your napkins and set your table!
 Happy Easter!