I spotted this clever doormat on Pottery Barn’s website a few weeks ago. It’s not particulalry expensive, but considering its catalog/web order only, I’d have to pay shipping as well. Having seen blank coir rugs at the hardware store before, I figured I could make my own for about a quarter of the price.

Pottery Barns: $29 + $8 shipping = $37
My version: $10.49

I found a blank coir rug at Home Depot  This doesn’t appear to be sold online at Home Depot either, but you can find it here on Amazon or at Target (the coir mat by the brand Room Essentials).

I used acrylic paint that I already had on hand, but this would only cost a few additional bucks otherwise. Acrylic paint is permanent so it works well for an outdoor rug (just be careful you don’t get it on your clothes!). It’s also a flexible paint, unlike oil paint, so it won’t crack once dry.

I used a ruler to mark the middle of the rug and to guide the angle of my writing. Using an angular flat paintbrush, I free handed the “hello” and “goodbye” script. Of course you could also create stencils which are super easy to make. Follow this simple stencil tutorial from the CreativeBug to do so.
My three year-old believe it or not took a surprisingly clear photo of me painting the script on the rug…
I painted on a couple coats to get the right level of saturation. This will hopefully help with the natural wear of the paint/rug as well.
For around ten bucks and in about a half hour, I had what I thought was a decent replica of the Pottery Barn doormat. My baby bump, which is not so baby in size, made its way into the photo and since I will be losing it in a few days, I decided to keep it 😉